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Friday, August 1, 2008


I found these images from the UHH video shoot. (I can't begin to tell you how hard it is just to keep up with Leisha and all her projects). They shot two videos, and this one is actually from the first shoot. It looks really obscure and mysterious--I'm guessing it's the vid for "Wait Another Day" or "I See Red", but I could be wrong. The second vid is the one we're all waiting on to be released. No release date is set yet, but from my understanding the vids are completed and ready to be marketed-So what da hell are they waiting for? LETS GET ON IT, DOGGONIT!!!

I'll keep everyone posted as to when the video will be released....:-)


~nitabe~ said...

Wouldn't you just die to see one of these vids on mtv or something?! Haha! I really wanted to try to make it to the shoot, but with such short notice I couldn't get the day off. :(
BTW Speedy it's awesome that you're gonna make it to Toronto... me being so lazy getting my passport and all, I unf can't fly into Canada. I could drive in but that's just too much hassle. :( Can't wait to hear about it!!

speedy12 said...

nitabe--you can always fly to Seattle and take the ferry over to Vancouver...It's right next door. It's funny you brought up the MTV topic...I'm wondering why their music or videos wouldn't be marketed on networks like MTV or VH1...Do you guys have a clue?

~nitabe~ said...

VH1, maybe. But MTV is so mainstream, rarely do they put up any indie artists! I'd love to see it happen tho.
So Vancouver is where it's at, not Toronto? Haha, all those Canadian cities are so confusing to me. So the ferry thing, I had no idea!! If that's truly a possibility then I'll start looking at flights. Uh oh Speedy, might see me there! :)

J School said...

yea, mtv2 might put UHH on, but i doubt mtv. they don't have enough time with all those stupid reality shows to put indie music that that not everyone might like

anyway, those pictures look pretty interesting. can't wait for the vids to be released

Caramel29 said...

I am lost I thought Leishia is filming in Vancover are they finish filming?

speedy12 said...

Yeah Carmel--they are filming in Vancouver but since Leisha can't really leave her committments for the LW right now, she'll just have a celebration in Vancouver.