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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Leisha and her TeePee...hmmmmmm

Alice Clark talks with the girls.....about teepees?
"The creativity isn’t just in the music; the band is also creative when it comes to building things to be creative in.
“There’s a story behind pre-production, where Leisha, who’s really creative, said” – Grey puts on a nasal, high-pitched voice – “‘Cam! Let’s…’ I’m sorry, I always make the high voice when I talk as her. She’s like, ‘We need to make a vocal booth to work in, to cut all the vocals.’ I always cut everything before we take it to the producer, just to get ideas down. And Leisha ended up building a tepee! This really bizarre tepee that was really hard to get in and out of, so once I was in I couldn’t leave. I had to have a telephone in there and a drink and some food, just because I never got out. And Al Clay, the guy that actually produced the record, came over and he saw our set up. He said, ‘I’m sorry girls, you’re not going to do vocals in a tepee.’
“He totally shut down our tepee idea and we had to go into a real studio and cut all the vocals. We were really bummed out. But you should’ve seen that thing, it was pretty rad.”

I'm sorry Al Clay didn't like the teepee idea...I totally would have made it work..lolol

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


-Kaye and I would like to extend to all our beloved bloggers a very-

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Deeper Look into S6

Heres the first 40 seconds of S6!!

Click HERE to see the new pictures of the first episode....aww Tasha and Alice ::swoon::
-Jennifer Beals look hot herself!


Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm lovin' the photos...these women know how to style and profile....AND LOOK DAMN GOOD!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is a pretty thorough interview of the girls done by Kelly Wiles...UHH1
Also, Campus Circle focuses on Camila Grey and all her favorites hotspots in WEHO...Cam
Cute little clip of Ilene and cast members in a promo including some "L"
contests winners.

Some Shocking News!

Well we are all waiting for anticipation for the final season of the L word, but news about Leisha's new spin off is circulating through the internet. Read the article here and tell me what you think of it.......Alice.....murderer? Oh, I really hope not! If someone dies this season and there is a "killer among the cast" I just really hope Alice is not the perpetrator!!

-Also, let's give a big warm "welcome back" to my fave blog partna SPEEDY! Hope the trip was great!! We missed you!


The girls discuss the making of the vid "Explode" and the concept. Jody is a talented animator.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Don't Blink!!

Or you will miss Tasha and Alice having a great time together in the new L Word promo!! Yay, I'm sooo giddy right now! I can't wait for this season!

The L Word S6 Promo Poster


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NewNowNext UHH Interview!

They are too cute for words, I love when Cam tries to imitate Leisha's voice, haha we all just love Leisha's high pitch sound. Hot Sexxx Leisha? LOL That is crazy name for a band! Lil Kim to remix? These girls are so diverse in thier music I love it! Gosh I can not wait for the new season to start so I can watch this beautiful woman every week on my TV....well laptop since I don't own Showtime, lol. Enjoy! BTW Cam, you DO have style!

Thanks to all who sent me the links :)

UHH NewNowNext Music

UH Huh Her's performance on NewNowNext Music, acoustic version of "Common Reaction". I must say, I always loved this song fast paced, but the acoustic version is great too! Cam has a beautiful voice and Leisha is too cute, I wish she sung more leading vocals. Enjoy everyone!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Erin Daniels new interview

With a great shout out to Leisha as being the best kisser. Hello! Have you guys seen the way she kisses?! Leisha has amazing lips and doesn't hold back! Hell she has people like Erin who hasn't kissed her in years, still talk about those lips! Nina is one lucky lady, hell anyone who has ever kissed Leisha!!

The rest of the interview is too cute! Alot of it is in french, so if some translators could please come by fo' a sista?! Thanks :) --->how I miss Erin Daniels!
(Thanks Marierza!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

UH Her Her at the Avalon

This one is short but sweet, thanks CHI!!!

UH Her Her at the Avalon

Thanks CHI!!


That's a good shot of Kate. Chi's is trying to get her video up and running on the blog for us, but she's having minor difficulties. We'll get the vid to you guys as soon as we can. Chi--is that Al Clay you're talking too? Kaye forward Chi your email addy to help her post the vid. I'll be checking the blog from da UK. ONE LOVE. :)


Well I'm headed off to London with grandma. I'll be gone for a week---My patna in crime Kaye will hold it down one time for a sista. I'll try to make it to the UHH concert, or least hang outside since the show is sold out. I know if I try to get tickets now the prices are gonna be outrageous... :( You guys help Kaye out and show her some love as she takes on this very difficult task...lololol. Ok, I'm off to do some last minute errands---C-U NEXT WEEK--CHEERIOOO!!! :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Beautiful video done by Phoenix from the sho-boards. I just love these two--the chemistry is through the roof!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I saw one of the best concerts last night. The girls absolutely killed it. They came onto the stage and off top just started rockin’ out with “I had enough” followed by “So Long” which I really like b/c of the guitar. They seemed really excited and happy to be in LA and the crowd reacted the same. Lots of high energy, screaming, singing along to the songs, dancing (at least in a few sections;) The venue was huge and the entire stage floor section was flooded with fans. Everyone taking pics and recording video while screaming I love you’s to the girls. It was crazy to be in the middle of all the madness and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I later decided to hit up the balcony to shoot some footage. I’m sorry to say I was having some difficulty with the camera and the pics came out blurred except for one, which was taken during the signing. However I do have footage of “Dreamer” and “Not A Love Song” and I have to say Cam killed the guitar during this and I caught it. I’ll submit footage once I figure out what’s going on with my mac.

During the show over in a roped off VIP section there were a few um special guest J who were getting a lot of attention from the crowd in the back. Yes Kate, Clea and Nina were all in attendance. Kate wearing her signature fedora was damn near mobbed on the way down from VIP by fans snapping away at their cameras, trying to get close enough to get in the pic with her LOL. She had no security so people were acting a little overzealous and she eventually had to roll out (after the concert) or maybe hide out somewhere else in the club. Nina had on this cute Sherlock Holmes looking’ hat and once the concert was over was in and out of there. I later saw Clea at the signing table. It looked as if she came upstairs to see how much longer the girls would be. The line to get merch signed was long and it took probably a little less then an hour to complete.

Once the concert ended and the encore was no more we headed down to the merch table to grab some t-shirts. I ended up getting two b/c the guy that I brought with me purchased one so that he could go to the signing table with me. I believe it was Cam who said in an interview, they were thinking of calling it “bring your brother tour” you know to expand the demo. So I didn’t bring “my” brother but I did bring “a” brotha…lol it was funny. I think he was one of two that were there for the concert and were not there working security lol. While we waited in line I had some extra uhh posters I got from nettwerk and decided to hand some out to others waiting. People were saying “I want one” left and right I felt like I was giving away turkeys for Thanksgiving it was a great feeling. So great in fact I gave them all away and forgot to keep one for myself to get signed! Ha! But its cool I have one at home and I don’t think I need anymore signed items, unless I start an eBay account. We were 2nd to last in line until the lady ahead (who complimented me on my fresh kicks I purchased just b4 the show) decided she wanted to be last and stepped aside so us and another girl could go ahead. It didn’t faze me I was just happy to finally be up next. There was a guy who stood at the table and took your merch from you and laid it out on the table but it was sort of invasive b/c he kind of blocked you from the girls and it was awkward so I made my way closer to the table and was like “Hey”! They both said Hi and LH had a big smile on her face. I told them, “The show was excellent, you really rocked it tonight” or something corny like that. I forgot most of my whole spiel. I did mention how I accidentally gave all my posters away w/o keeping one for myself. Both of them were looking and listening attentively. Cam I didn’t hear say anything while I was at the table but Leisha seemed sympathetic almost she said, “You didn’t get a poster?” It was loud so I don’t know if they completely understood what the hell I was saying. Leisha looked around as if to see if there were any but I was cool. I got my t’s signed and was able to say what’s up to the girls and have a photo taken by my friend while I talked to them. All in all it was an awesome show the best I’ve seen yet!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Leisha on the 'Tube

Leisha's guest appearance from CSI will be aired next Thursday, November 20th at 8:00 pm on Spike TV. Make sure you catch her in the full episode, as she portrays a woman who has a very unique disease that alters her physical appearance. As much hair as they put on her, she is still so cute! For those who havent seen the episode yet, don't forget to catch it next week!


Here's an exclusive peek at the ladies chatting it up with NEWNOWNEXT NOISE ON LOGO.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You are Worthy!!

L Word actress, Rose Rollins gives a short but sweet interview with Ourchart. Hmm.....we get our questions answered in S6?! I can not WAIT until the final season.....according to Rose, we are in for a Treat!

Click Here To View Video

How Good does she look in this interview? Just a stunning woman

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Part III//My Interview With Leisha (snippet)

The magazine will be out soon and I am anxious to see it..I think Leisha will love the article. I had a little fun with her by asking some pretty trivial questions--she seemed amused.



WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING IF YOU WEREN'T ACTING OR SINGING?: "Oh I don't know...lying on the beach...laughs."

BLONDE OR BRUNETTE?: "I don't have a preference."

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT ON STAGE WITH UHH: "I don't know--Cam had something embarrassing happen to her, but I'm not going to talk about it...laughs."

I may have posted some questions b4--but we've gotten quite a lot of new ppl since then.

Saturday, November 8, 2008




All you have to do is e-mail us here with a subject of "Uh Huh Her SF" of "Uh Huh Her LA" (very important to specify!) and your full contact info (e-mail and phone number)* in the body. We will draw the name of two lucky contestants at 6pm EST on Friday, November 7 for two tickets to attend the show on Tuesday, November 11 at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco, CA and two tickets to their last tour stop on Friday, November 14 at the Avalon in Los Angeles, CA.


Friday, November 7, 2008

The Fashion has CXLD

The Fashion, UHH's opening act, has cxld some of their tour dates. What does this mean for our girls? Will they be affected as well? SOMEBODY CHECK THE WEATHER!!! :(

"Due to heavy blizzards The Fashion have been forced to cancel our shows in Seattle, Vancouver and Portland. We are very sorry, but is has simply not been possible to get through the snow and ice. We are now waiting it out in the litlle town of Medina in North Dakota, but will definitely make our show in San Francisco.We are all sad to miss the concerts, and we sincerely apologize to all our fans with the promise of being back as soon as possible!On the positive side of things since Medina is a hunting town, the whole band has now learned how to fire shotguns and huge caliber hunting rifles at bottles and cans at night, in icestorms while being incredibly drunkFire it up!!!"

The Fashion

Vikki in Minni with UHH

We Still have more stories to tell--Vikki attended the show in Minneapolis///Leisha's parents were there? WOW...HOW COOL IS THAT!!! :)

I saw Uh Huh Her last night in Minneapolis. Both Cam and Leisha looked great. Leisha's parents were at the concert (from Nebraska) and were about 4 feet from me. The music was fantastic. I was also hoping to hear their thoughts on the election and they didn't disappoint. Leisha said, "We had an amazing night last night, didn't we?" Cam started saying, "Obama, Obama" and then Leisha said, "What a fucking cool country. I am so proud of us". I wondered if they would say anything about prop 8 and they did later in the show. Cam started talking about watching the election coverage and said, ?I have my period. Oh wow. Well, anyway, I was really emotional and couldn?t stop crying.? Then she said, "I really think this country is on the mend. Well, except maybe California." Then, Leisha said, "Yeah...I can't even talk about California" and shook her head. The City Pages (a local paper) described their performance as "mediocre" but I thought they were fabulous. It was money well spent.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Lil Flashback

I found this on YouTube---the video is really about the relationship between Anne Heche and former gf Ellen, but about 4 minutes into the vid, you see Leisha and her ex kd lang in happier times. Leisha really has a good eye for fashion. She looks sexy as hell in her wardrobe & glasses. Check it out.


Just Between Friends

I just had to post this. Leisha and Rose Rollins in Vancouver waiting on a taxi ride to their trailers. They really make a cute couple. I hope they remain friends forever. :)


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The last time I checked we weren't doing so well with the fight to eliminate Prop 8. I think they were still counting. Let's have a discussion because there are still some things I don't understand. We all know that hundreds of couples married since The Supreme Court overturned the ban on same-sex marriages. My question is-what happens now if prop 8 passes? I know marriages between same sex couples will be in vain--but what about all the couples that have jumped the broom? Will the marriage of people like Ellen Degeneres, who has married the love of her life in a lavish wedding held at her home in LA, be null n void? Surely they will let these couples stayed married to their spouses. What do you guy think?



Tuesday, November 4, 2008


"My head is totally in one of your pics! was great to finally meet you badjedi, too bad we couldn't have hung more. I also had a great time hanging with the Uh Huh Her Hot Dogs as we dubbed ourselves, the 8 of us who waited in line starting at 1230 on. 5 of us from Wisconsin, 1 from Illinois(me), 1 from Iowa, and 1 from Missouri. You guys were a blast and made the time waiting for the concert fly on by. Can't wait til the next UHH concert in Chicago, I will definitely make the trip.Now for my review. I got to the venue about 1230 and luckily got to meet Cam and Leisha at around 130 when they were out by their bus. I went to go up to Leisha a little earlier than that when I saw her by the bus, but she was on her phone so I didn't want to bother her. They were extremely nice and let me and a few other of the girls who were waiting in line take pictures with them. I can attest to what many other people on this board have already said...the girls are extremely fan friendly. I also met a couple of the guys from The Fashion before the concert. They were very nice, awesome accents. I enjoyed their set, I will have to buy some of their music. The unfortunate thing about this venue was they didn't allow flash, so the only pics that really turned out where those of Leisha cuz she was right in front of us I wanted some good Cam ones too, but sadly will just have to nab some from the other people who took good pics at the concert. Love your pics by the way badjedi The girls played an awesome, awesome set. All of my favorites were played, the only two songs that I noticed they didn't play were Dreamer and Mystery Lights. They did a good job with crowd interaction and it was easy to get really sucked in to their show. My favorite performances that they did were "Everyone", "I See Red", "Say So", "Explode" and "Not A Love Song"....but all of the songs were performed with great enthusiasm. Great crowd, met a lot of cool people and they also did a merch signing after the show, but no pics allowed. Can't wait til the next time they tour in the area...I will definitely be there...Here are some pics, a lot didn't show up sadly since flash couldn't be used, but here are the best ones."
Nice review and pics Heather (hmorsey)--yet another chance meeting with the girls which turned out GREAT!!! :)

Toronto Gig by Melania F.

Nice interview done by Melania-here's what the girls had to say.. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008


This is from the Philly gig (I think)--Colorful slides don by kycornell. Enjoy.. :) P.S. the next time I post something--hopefully history will be made. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm soo proud of H.E.R for giving the girls her music material--AND THEY WERE COOL ABOUT IT.. :) I LOVE IT. I'll let H.E.R tell her story-(posted by Nitabe-vid by Nitabe, H.E.R. & Benita):

"hehe, the long-awaited has arrived. just fyi, the story is by lauren (h.e.r.) and i've added slight input, and i've done the video! hope every1 enjoys it.So I got to the venue at around 4:30 to find only one other girl waiting there. (Hey Amanda!) She told me that I had missed the girls by only about a half hour and that she got to say hi to them before they went inside for their soundcheck. Anyways, 5 oclock rolled around and I met up with a girl I met on this board named Benita :) It was really cold outside and we were pretty much the only ones waiting outside for another hour. We met some other really nice girls named Jackie and Jeanine and we all danced to some UHH music while we were in line, courtesy of Amanda's cellphone haha. So the doors opened at around 8 oclock and we all rushed to our spots in front of the stage. We got the best spots in the house, towards the right side where Leisha is normally stationed. The opening act, The Fashion, came on at 9 oclock, and were a pleasant surprise. They were really good and really got us in the mood for the girls. The girls came on at about 10:15. They looked and sounded fantastic! They both have kind of a nervous habit of not really looking into the audience while they're playing, but the treated us to some hilarious banter in between songs, about picketers, aliens, and how Jesus would totally rock out if he ever came to their show haha. I was a little bit surprised at how little the crowd was dancing, but me and my girls made up for that and we caught a few smiles from the girls. So after the show we were told that we needed to buy some merchandise in order to get a pass to the "after-show" upstairs, where we'd be able to meet with the girls. Benita and I were intent on being last in line and often jumped out of line in order to make people go ahead of us haha. We both had our own agendas about talking with the girls; Benita wanted to try for a picture and I wanted to give them a CD of some of my work. (I'm a music producer). Let me tell you, when I was up at the table I nearly passed out. I ran through what I was going to say to them as I approached the signing table. As soon as I walked up, Leisha goes, "I love your shirt!!!" before I could even say "Hi!" I gave them my tshirt to sign as I complimented their show and told them how I especially loved their cover of "Sweet Dreams". "REALLY? Oh my God, thank you!" said Leisha. She was so bubbly and inviting, and Cam was so chill and said "Thanks! We love to play that one." As I fumbled for my CD to give them, I nervously said, "You know, I'm actually a musician too, a producer, and I brought you my CD and I'd really love if you would-" and before I could finish my sentance, Leisha goes, "Oh my God that's so cool! We'll totally listen!" and Cam seemed pretty interested as well, since she's a producer herself, and said "That's so cool, Thanks! We'll definitely check it out." Leisha took the CD from me and read the back of the cover, which had my name and contact information. "So your name is Lauren?" She said with a huge smile on her face. "Yea, thank you so much, I know you guys are really busy right now but whenever you get a chance, you know..." I said. "Oh totally." She said as she put her hand out to give me a shake. "Thanks so much for coming, it was so nice meeting you!" Said Leisha. Cam did the same thing with a warm smile and I told them again how nice it was to be there and said thanks again for taking my CD. Benita was right behind me in line, and I'll let her tell you her story...My story was exactly the same, as far as the concert itself. My own personal experience with meeting the girls (since I was the absolute last) was me sneaking to take pics of the girls before Mr. Security caught me. So I looked at him and said, "Hey, I'mma ask you a question- can I PLEASE get a photo with the girls!?" And he goes on with the whole, "I can't, I can't..." etc etc. I begged and pleaded, and explained that I waited to be last for a reason. He explained that it wasn't fair to everyone else that he already told "No." I told him that they didn't have to know, but his morals overruled his compassion. So the answer was no. But when i got to the table, I showed the girls the shirt and asked if they remembered, CAM DID!! They signed them for us again, and I chatted with them while they did so. I blew them kisses and thanked them for coming to NY but let them know that they were definitely missed in Atlanta. hehe.I hope you all enjoy the vid!!"



Saturday, November 1, 2008


OK-I know most of you have seen this video. I peeped it a few months back on YouTube, so I don't really see how it's a premiere. But anyway, I like the animation and the concept....I dunno-it seems really 'eh' to me. It just doesn't grab me for some reason...maybe because I'd rather see the Leisha and Cam as themselves in the video. There was also some talk about the whole "hetero" theme to it. I dunno--what do you guys think of the vid? :)


This is a really cool interview---The girls have definitely grown musically since the last tour...I wish them the best. :)