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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

*****Contemplating The Future******

We all know how cruel this industry can be, especially with struggling actors and musicians. It's survival of the fittest---only the strong will survive.
Does Leisha have staying power? What will it take for her to sustain her now illustrious and cultivating career?
Give me some incite.


speedy12 said...

All I know is she better still be HOTT in 10 yrs. I really hope UHH takes off and goes mainstream media. I hope they don't disband or anything like that...I would be crushed. Now that the LW is ending, I really want Leisha to thrive and make it as a music artist.

~nitabe~ said...

Oh yes Leisha definitely has staying power!! I dunno how Hollywood will do with completely supporting and employeeing an out lesbian, but times are definitely changing, and things that weren't accepted in the past are now no big deal. So we'll just have to see! However I must admit I dunno that I want them to go mainstream... so many people change when they do! I enjoy being able to attend smaller concerts instead of at philips arena, for instance. they are much more intimate, and i get verrry selfish about music and artists that i like!! :) but even being underground i think they could still be very successful... they already are!! in more ways than just money.

speedy12 said...

Nitabe--you have a point. When I think about it, them going mainstream WOULD take away the intimacy between fan and artist. I believe Leisha and Cam want to stay as close to their fans as possible. They're "reach out and touch" kind of musicians--which I absolutely love. This is one indie group that I have been smitten with in a long time...