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Monday, August 18, 2008

An Intimate Portrait of Leisha and Cam

Leisha and Cam are discussing each others vices and hang-ups and other random topics. Really cute vids of the both of them....check it out. :)


speedy12 said...

Let me just say this---I have worked in the music industry for many years, and what Cam and Leisha are saying is absolutely true. If they sign to a major record label, they run the strong possibility that the label will run away with all of their earnings. Remember--THE ARTISTS ARE ALWAYS THE LAST TO GET PAID. It was like that with TLC. A bulk of the artists earnings are made on promotional tours. Tour money will go directly to the artists. If they sell a multi-platinum album,they won't see any money until the writers, label distribution, producers and record label reps are paid first. This is why Jermaine Dupri, P. Diddy and Jay-Z are millionairs--they are producers and writers for other ppl, plus they own their own record labels. They don't answer to anybody but themselves. I just thought I would give you guys a little incite on how it works in the industry.

~nitabe~ said...

Wow that's actually really good to know speedy. It's amazing when you realize how it works- it's another reason why I want them to stay small and intimate!! LoL- yes it's gonna keep coming back up. NEway they're sooo darn cute! I love how Leisha's like, "uhhh i dunno, i dunno... i have soo many problems!!"

speedy12 said...

lololol--I know nitabe--Leisha calmly admits she has issues...lololol.

I just love her. :)