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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


BRING UHH TO ATLANTA!!!! The Demand It widget is up on the UHH Myspace page. Those of you in Da ATL who love UHH, this your chance to get them back to our beloved city. Click the link and scroll down till you see the Demand It widget for Atlanta. Come on guys, we gotta get them back to our city...Lets show some UHH Love.


portuense-portista said...

Speedy, will you post Leisha's and Cam's "thank you notes" to Nina and Clea? I'm in Portugal so i won't be able to get the cd.. :(

speedy12 said...

I will Portuense---I'll do it tonight for you. Did you order the cd?

portuense-portista said...

no :( i'm hoping that some day the cd will be here.. i'll be looking.