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Friday, August 8, 2008


I like the concept of this one--it almost gives you an illusion of UHH exploding or rather imploding into song..

This one is cute's actually taken from snippets of The LW and Cam when she was rockin' out with her previous band 'Mellowdrone'. It was taken from the vid they made.

This one sorta looks like a kaleidoscope of everything that makes up UHH. I like the skillfulness portrayed in this piece.

THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE ONE!! Cam and Leisha seem so serene and tranquil as if they were staring at the gates of guitar heaven. It's appropriately named "Dreamer".

This last one is the most creative with all of it's color schemes and such. I love the imagery and attention to detail. Kudos to the artists.

IT AMAZES ME HOW TALENTED WE ARE--AND THE LOVE AND APPRECIATION THAT WE ELICIT TO THE PPL WHOM WE ADMIRE. I want to say thanks to all the artist who drew or painted these masterpieces and the time and dedication you devoted to each of them. NOW TELL ME---WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE ONE?
(click the artwork to get a larger view)


green said...

3rd and 5th are mine :-P So not going to choose those as favourites then.

I love the 4th's background with the faded music manuscript. And the 1st's UHH banner/font is very cool, along with the black speakers and building, and the photos chosen are spot on.

speedy12 said...

I like ur analysis Green...:-)

nitabe said...

I'm with you Speedy, 'dreamer' is beautiful!!

speedy12 said...

I'm telling you Nitabe--"Dreamer" just does something to me when I look at it. It's really a nice piece of artistry.