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Sunday, August 31, 2008

OK-Who's going where?

Ok I'm taking a head count on who's going to what concert and when? I'm planning on either the NY or Vancouver gig. Which gig are you guys going too? Maybe we could hook up if most of us are attending the same concert. It's time to start thinking. Tickets WILL sell out fast, so let's start planning asap. I would give my left ovary to see Leisha again.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Well Ellen and Portia did. Melissa and Tammy did it. Will Leisha and Nina take the plunge? Well, I know when she was with kd they weren't so "gung ho" about the whole marriage idea. I dunno, with the Supreme Court overturning the ban on same sex marriage many in the LGBT community have tied the knot and are taking full advantage. But we're not outta of the woods yet. There's still a chance that it could be eradicated in November. So what do you think? Will they or won't they?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Leisha and FreeCity

Does this look familiar? Look at the design that Leisha is wearing...have you seen that anywhere?




Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Rose Rollins News Courtesy the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Rollins, who played a military chick on "The L Word," claims she began a "confidential relationship" with the defendant, Ramon Cartznes, back in 2003. Apparently things went south, because Rollins says the dude took her for all she's worth.Item: Rollins claims she gave Cartznes $30,000 for a piece of investment property and he fraudulently put it in his name and that was that. She says she's out the money.Item: Rollins claims she and Cartznes opened several credit card accounts and he racked up $53,689 in charges that he hasn't paid.Item: Rollin claims Cartznes racked up a cell phone bill of $6,991 that he refuses to pay.Item: She claims he owes her $2,265 for money she fronted to Cartznes' daughter.Item: He stiffed her to the tune of $22,064 on Range Rover payments.Item: In another real estate deal, Rollins alleges he cheated her out of $54,321. She's suing for nearly $300,000 plus punitive damages.


The Billboard Heatseekers

UHH has only been out a week, but on the Billboard Heatseekseekers they're listed at #9 on the charts...I'll keep you posted as to how the album sales are going.

Monday, August 25, 2008


UHH back in the day with Alicia Warrington. She is a badasss drummer!!!! Leisha making a heart...We Love U Too Leisha!!!!

Cam sucking on a baby bottle and falling asleep on the couch. How cute. Leisha above chillin on the couch and being nerdy on the guitar...

Ok the girls were in NY and went to get their manis and pedis done--can you tell which toes are Cams and which are Leisha's? I know.

I love to see the girls out of character and normalized. I hope they stay that way. There's nothing worse than meeting a celebrity who turns out to be a "pompous & arrogant bitch"....And I have met many.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Star Sightings//Clea & Cam Making Out?

Well, just in case you guys were wondering about Clea Duvall and Camila "Grey" Gutierrez--here's some proof that they are an the link below and read a roaving reporter's star sighting. She also mentions Kate Moennig and Leisha being "touchy feely" with each other. But you guys judge for yourselves. Star Sightings

Constructive Criticism

"Uh Huh Her is a pretty picture on paper: Its face is the well-dressed duo of "The L-Word" actress Leisha Hailey and singer-producer Camila Grey. But the music inside the package wears all the marks of a vanity project.
Recalling slick-produced 1990s acts like Garbage (no surprise given Hailey's history with Lilith Fair band the Murmurs) Uh Huh Her has an interesting overall sound — menacing guitars paired with ethereal, heavily effected vocals and plenty of synth sheen. The weakness here isn't style; it's substance.
Though "Common Reaction" opens strong, it relies too much on texture to sustain an entire 11-song set. The single and first track, "Not a Love Song," is an inspired uptempo tune with a big chorus, followed by a few interesting slow-rockers, like the pretty, acoustic piano-laden "Wait Another Day." Beyond that, though Hailey and Grey clearly share a singular vision with producer Al Clay (Pixies, Blur), the songwriting just isn't there. Especially on slow numbers like "Everyone" and "Away From Here," which would both be suitable for a romantic comedy montage.
It's obvious "Common Reaction" is a frontloaded, superficial affair.
The distorted guitar and forthright vocals on "Explode" make for the edgiest moment on the album." By Christina Black, associated press.

Of course we all love the album, but there are those like Christina Black who critiqued the albums weaknesses. What do you guys think about her review?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So...How do you like it?

I am in LOVE with 'Common Reaction!' It's been in heavy rotation since the day it has been delivered.

My favorite songs are:

-Common Reaction

-So Long

-Dance With Me


-Wait Another Day

I sing those literally all day long. Don't get me wrong, all the songs are FANTASTIC, but those five have me singing like bad karoke when it comes!

By demand, the Band's "Thank You's".
Camila Thanks: Mom and Dad-without your neverending support I'd be no where and I love you both, Clea Duvall for all your love and belief in me. Susana de la Rionda, Tim Collins and Jeff Dorenfeld.
Leshia Thanks: Nina Garduno for your love and support. Mom, Dad and Kaydra Hailey, my wonderful family, I love you so much.
Uh Huh Her Thanks: Alicia Warrington, Linda Perry, Free City Workshop elves, Mia Kirshner, Kate Moennig, E.Z, Liz Lambert, Amy Cook

-I did NOT list all the Uh Huh Her Thank You's, just the names in the list that we all know. I think it's cute that Mia and Kate were mentioned, also Alicia, who was the original third member of the band.

-Def. Doesn't hurt that I got an autographed picture from them too!!!! Yay!! LOL

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


BRING UHH TO ATLANTA!!!! The Demand It widget is up on the UHH Myspace page. Those of you in Da ATL who love UHH, this your chance to get them back to our beloved city. Click the link and scroll down till you see the Demand It widget for Atlanta. Come on guys, we gotta get them back to our city...Lets show some UHH Love.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Part II---Extended. There is a wave of UHH info flocking the internet. Just as I post a new video of the girls, another one is sent to me. I must have posted 10x today....I'll do anything for my girls...:)

The Juxtaposition Of UHH



Listen to Leisha and Cam introduce their album to the world.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Part III//Intimate Portrait Of UHH

Dolly Parton?? Talk about random Leisha...lolol. I'm not hating--I love me some Dolly too.


I love how Cam is embarrassed by her father in the background in the second to the last frame...she is too cute.

An Intimate Portrait of Leisha and Cam

Leisha and Cam are discussing each others vices and hang-ups and other random topics. Really cute vids of the both of them....check it out. :)






It's no secret that Leisha exudes an intense amount of sexiness on screen...especially when doing a love scene, and she is soo free with her body....It gets me HOTT & BOTHERED!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

UHH Rock Star Galaxy

Continuation of the Webisode---we even see Leisha on the eliptical machine. This is a cute little excerpt.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


This is a video I found called "daddy" starring Leisha Hailey, Camilla Grey and their girlfriends. I can't make heads nor tails of it, but it's creepy as F...k!!!--thus the title of this post.... <:O

I still think they are working on the site--it's brand new.

UHH and Tegan & Sara

Tegan and Sara are apparently another indie band who is up and coming in the industry. Leisha and Cam obviously are big fans of the group, and vice versa. I personally have never heard of them until I started following UHH around the country. Jesus! it's not easy keeping up with these beautiful women. Are any of you familiar with Tegan and Sara? Shed some incite into this juvenile set of brunettes who are also creating a buzz in these parks.
BTW--notice Cams lady love Clea Duvall in the background...she's never too far away from her girl...heh heh.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

U Word Interview//UHH

The Ladies of UHH talk about their 3 album deal, upcoming tours and what Leisha plans to focus on after TLW.

The U Word
Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey talk with GO about their debut album and the meteoric rise of Uh Huh Her.
by Evie Nagy
July 31, 2008

In January 2007, actor and musician Leisha Hailey decided that she had been out of the music business for too long. So she called up her casual acquaintance, multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Camila Grey, and the electro-pop duo Uh Huh Her was born. Six months later, the band released the EP I See Red, and this month their debut LP Common Reaction will be released on Nettwerk Records.Hailey and Grey spoke with GO and shared their unconventional success story and revealed what lies ahead.
How did you find each other and what made you decide to collaborate?

H: We met a couple of times in the two years before I called her to start the band, just randomly at parties, very casual meetings. But when I really wanted to start looking for a bandmate, I had always heard she went to Berkeley and had played with some really cool people, so I pretty much just called her out of the blue one day and said “Hey, I’m Leisha, we don’t really know each other, but do you want to start a band?”
G: That’s kind of how it went—it was that simple. I was like, “Yeah, I guess, why don’t you come over and hang out?” and we played mix tapes for each other.
How does your touring schedule fit into to Leisha’s shooting schedule for The L Word, and vice versa? What challenges has her acting career presented for the band?
G: Essentially we can’t ever really do summer festivals, or any kind of summer tour because that’s when she’s shooting. And that’s my favorite thing to do—play summer festivals [laughs]. So that’s kind of a problem, but we obviously do make it work the best we can. We tend to do one-off shows when we can while she’s shooting. I commute up there [to Vancouver] and she flies back down [to L.A.] whenever she can. We make it work.

H: The L Word is in its last season, so when that wraps up in October I’m pretty much done with that. It’s been pretty easy to schedule around it; we know in advance when the shooting is. I think the real challenge will be next year when, you know, I don’t want to give up my acting career and I’ll be going to auditions. So that will really be the harder thing to work around because I don’t know what next year will bring. But I’m a chameleon and I work really hard with what ever I’m doing at the moment.
What about the flip-side of that coin? How has Leisha’s television exposure presented new opportunities for the band?

G: Certainly our fan base is exponentially bigger than it would be if we had just started out like any other band. It’s been a huge thing because it’s skyrocketed us to having to play and really show up for so many people. For me that’s good, because I do best under pressure. I’ve been in bands and been on the road and done the whole “year on the road playing for nobody” thing, and then I’ve done quite the opposite and played on the MTV Movie Awards and for a ton of people, so this is kind of a happy medium, where we’re not playing for nobody and we have an audience, and I’m really appreciative of it.

H: It’s definitely helped launch an audience—people found the band because of the show, which really surprised me. But at the moment that’s really it—which isn’t small, of course.It’s always inspiring to see strong, female musicians at the top of their game.

What challenges have you faced as women in a male-dominated music industry?
H: We both come from the same place where we don’t think of our music coming from the fact that we’re women. I don’t like to look at things like that, and as far as I know from the outside it hasn’t really had an effect. Definitely we’re in charge of it—that’s what’s been really positive. We’re both pretty good businesswomen. I like to have control over what I do.
G: I never really think of it like that, like it’s a woman-fronted band and it’s going to be challenging. I’ve always been a woman in this industry and I’ve done pretty well, and I just continue to think about the music only and not about my place in it as a woman. I’m not trying to be naïve or anything, because I know the issues exist, but at the same time I just try to plow through and not pay attention to that.

Who are your main creative influences and industry role models?
G: Honestly, anyone who’s been in this industry and had a long career I respect, because it’s such a difficult one. It’s hard to evolve and progress and have your fans grow with you, so to me that’s like the ultimate thing. I think people like Annie Lennox, Björk, David Bowie, who’ve consistently stayed with their vision and been weird and evolved and are still here doing their thing, to me that’s the most amazing thing ever. I also love classical music, it’s one of my favorite things, so people like Hans Zimmer, whom I’ve worked with and I absolutely respect.

H: Musically, Sinéad O’Connor would be one, Lucinda Williams, Depeche Mode and Madonna.

Uh Huh Her is a relatively new band. How have you managed to be so productive in so little time?

G: I’m extremely prolific, I like to just write and write and write. In this situation with Leisha being gone so much it’s tricky. I obviously don’t want to write something and not have her in on it, so it’s kind of hard to balance. We wrote these songs so quickly because we were on the road and then they were like “Okay, make the record,” so it was a really fast turnaround.
H: The year that we wrote the album was really hectic, so if I was home for three weeks, we would use that time to write every day, and when we were apart one of us was always flying to the other one. It was a little weird because the writing wasn’t totally cohesive. But we did have a lot of material by the time we got into the studio, probably another nine or ten songs that were halfway done, or all the way done without lyrics, they just needed more time. So that was a little frustrating because there were a lot of those that we liked that we just didn’t have the time to finish. But it’s good, we have them on the back burner and we won’t forget about them.
Was there any particular theme or set of themes that you wanted Common Reaction to communicate?
H: It was pretty much song by song, it’s not like we went out and said we want to write an album about this or that. I guess there was an overall theme, people have told us it’s definitely a lot about relationships and love, but it wasn’t on purpose.

G: It was very stream-of-consciousness the way it was done; because we had to do it so quickly, there was no time to really conceptualize this record, unfortunately. But maybe that was a good thing, because I really tend to overthink everything. I’m a composer first and lyricist last, and maybe that comes through, who knows, but the words and the thoughts came as quickly as the music. We’d cut a vocal and I’d kind of eke some words out and then we’d say, okay, let’s sing about that.

What are your roles in the writing process?
G: I’m a mad scientist on the computer, so I’ll say, “What do you think about this?” and then she’ll come in an add something, or she’ll add a bass line that she wants to do. There are so many different ways that we go about it.

H: It kind of happens every which way, we’ve done it where Cam will work on a track that doesn’t have a melody or lyrics and bring it to me—I tend to write on the guitar, because that’s just what I know, I’m not a big techie. I don’t like starting a song by finding a drum beat when I’m alone. My brain just doesn’t work that way. I like doing that together because she’s pushing the buttons. And these things definitely define our sound—if you listen to my music alone, or to Cam’s music alone, they’re very different, and neither sounds like our music together.

How did you find your way to Nettwerk Records? What makes them a good fit for your music?

G: I’d been with Nettwerk Management as a solo artist, so when Leisha came into the picture and the band was a band, I said let’s go to them because they’re really good at developing artists, which not a lot of people are anymore. And the record label because it’s under the same kind of umbrella, it seemed like they were really the only people who didn’t want to change us and wanted to let us do our thing and not start meddling. Which other people like to do. So to me it was a great fit. We’re into it for three albums. It’s a good deal.

H: We met with some other major labels, but Nettwerk definitely felt like the right home because they had a vested interest in our band, and we knew them, and it’s not like we were going to be signing a big 360 deal. It just felt right.
With two more albums on your contract, have you started working on the next one?

H: We haven’t yet—we’ve really been working on our live show. We’re gonna leave on tour again in the fall and we really want to get that better and better and better. But I think in the next few months we might spend a while together and write some more. I don’t like to take too much time off while you’re selling a record, so yeah, we do have to think about another one.

Can you share some of your plans for promoting the album? Is there an upcoming tour in the works?

G: We’re booking a tour for the U.S. again. We did half of it a few months ago but we didn’t do the full shebang. In mid-October we’ll hit the road for a tour in the U.S. and Canada, and then we’ll do some one-off shows in Europe—we’ll do ten or twelve shows there in mid-November into December.

H: We’ll also do sort of your run-of-the-mill press tour, with radio and T.V. But that will be good because the record got pushed [from a May release to August], so we’ll get to do what we wouldn’t have had time for. I think the label was trying to push it out too quickly, and then everyone realized that.

Uh Huh Her obviously has a strong following in the LGBT community. How has this influenced your body of work?
G: I come from such an “I’m a musician” background and Leisha comes from such the celebrity world. For me it’s a little difficult to go into it with the focus not being on the music always—I think that’s the most challenging thing. But I embrace everything and everyone, and I think the community’s amazing and I love to have the support. I don’t really see any challenges—just the possibilities.
H: To me it’s all positive. I think the fact that we have an audience at all is pretty incredible. We’re super grateful for all the girls who have been coming out and supporting us. Getting our music to a broader audience is a challenge that’s up to the label, to get the music out more to the mainstream. But it’s only building on top of our core audience. I don’t see negatives about it at all.
Leisha, if Uh Huh her reached a point where it required a full-time commitment, how do you think you would you balance that with your acting career?

H: I absolutely do give it my full commitment; it’s something I love and I’m dedicated to giving it my full time and energy. If that were to happen, of course I’d be there. That is totally my plan.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kate Moennig Interview Japan TV

OMG!!! Kate clearly does not want to do this interview....lololol. She appears indifferent, disconcerted and maybe a bit pompous...but she IS required to do these types of interviews to promote the show, not to mention she gets paid for it. I just find it funny how blatantly disinterested she is. Any guess on what she's thinking as she listens to the translations? I still love me some Kate Moennig. Watch the video and give me your opinion.


UHH's album will be bestowed upon us on the 19th, but the album has already been leaked and downloaded, as if we didn't know that was gonna happen. Anyway, the tracks are an array of soothing melodic tunes with "Wait Another Day" and "Everyone" (which are my personal favorites), to the electro-pop instrumentation of "Explode" and "Not A Love Song". The creativity is totally Grey with her experiences working with a wide variety of artists from Dr. Dre to Kelly Osbourne. On the rocker side of it, Hailey lends her experiences as the guitar wielding rocker-girl of the Murmurs and Gush. Hailey is definitely kick-ass on the bass guitar, not to mention her hair swinging shimmy when she's pounding out electro-pop rhythms on percussion. Check out the entire album below or click the link and tell me your thoughts. Common Reaction

*****Contemplating The Future******

We all know how cruel this industry can be, especially with struggling actors and musicians. It's survival of the fittest---only the strong will survive.
Does Leisha have staying power? What will it take for her to sustain her now illustrious and cultivating career?
Give me some incite.

Monday, August 11, 2008


It's here, it's finally here! Check out Uh Huh Her's new music video for their hit "Not A Love Song" which is on their album "Common Reaction" set to hit stores on August 19th.



How ironic that Isaac and Bernie were filming the comedy movie "Soul Men" with Samuel Jackson set to be released later this year; and how ironic that both were taken away from us a day apart from each other. Let's take this time to remember 3 beautiful spirits who have brought so much joy into our homes... through music and mirth.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Janis Joplin/Leisha Hailey (Similarities or Differences)?

I totally can see Leisha rockin' this outfit that Janis is wearin'. Am I crazy or do you guys see it too?...the similarities that is. Are you guys even familiar with Janis Joplin or am I tellin' my age?...lololol
It's like history repeating itself. Janis died in 1970---Leisha was born a year later. Could Leisha be Janis reborn? One never knows.

Indie electro-pop rock meets the urban blues and soul singer of the 60's. I don't know what it is--but Leisha and Janis have soo many similarities as music artists: Stance, stage presence, facial features, fashion, aura, hair, passion for music...etc. Do you notice any differences besides the genre of music each has contributed to their generation? UNCANNY.....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh Momma!

Ok, so someone is going to be pregnant this season and unlike many, my bet is that it is NOT Bette and Tina! Spoilers proved that they will be adopting. So who is it you may ask.......?? Hmm, I have to guess (what many are speculating) that it is.........MAX! Don't be too suprised at this. You do remember S5 Ep 9 don't you??? Yeah, it's hard getting that image out of my head. Who do you think is going to be carrying the baby bump this year?



Friday, August 8, 2008


I like the concept of this one--it almost gives you an illusion of UHH exploding or rather imploding into song..

This one is cute's actually taken from snippets of The LW and Cam when she was rockin' out with her previous band 'Mellowdrone'. It was taken from the vid they made.

This one sorta looks like a kaleidoscope of everything that makes up UHH. I like the skillfulness portrayed in this piece.

THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE ONE!! Cam and Leisha seem so serene and tranquil as if they were staring at the gates of guitar heaven. It's appropriately named "Dreamer".

This last one is the most creative with all of it's color schemes and such. I love the imagery and attention to detail. Kudos to the artists.

IT AMAZES ME HOW TALENTED WE ARE--AND THE LOVE AND APPRECIATION THAT WE ELICIT TO THE PPL WHOM WE ADMIRE. I want to say thanks to all the artist who drew or painted these masterpieces and the time and dedication you devoted to each of them. NOW TELL ME---WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE ONE?
(click the artwork to get a larger view)