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Sunday, August 17, 2008

UHH Rock Star Galaxy

Continuation of the Webisode---we even see Leisha on the eliptical machine. This is a cute little excerpt.


~nitabe~ said...
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~nitabe~ said...

- "cam is gonna demonstrate how to get on the back of a bike..."
- "that's pretty much it!"

LoL, lovin my girls!! :)

speedy12 said...

Wasn't that cute Nit---Cam did a perfect job getting on back of that bike...lololol. I wonder whose house they were in when Leisha picked up that banana.

~nitabe~ said...

girl i was wondering the same thing! it looked really nice- i'm guessing leish's. :))

speedy12 said...

Leisha's or Cam's--I'll take a wild guess and say Leisha.

or maybe it's Cam---HELL I DUNNO..lolol