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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Constructive Criticism

"Uh Huh Her is a pretty picture on paper: Its face is the well-dressed duo of "The L-Word" actress Leisha Hailey and singer-producer Camila Grey. But the music inside the package wears all the marks of a vanity project.
Recalling slick-produced 1990s acts like Garbage (no surprise given Hailey's history with Lilith Fair band the Murmurs) Uh Huh Her has an interesting overall sound — menacing guitars paired with ethereal, heavily effected vocals and plenty of synth sheen. The weakness here isn't style; it's substance.
Though "Common Reaction" opens strong, it relies too much on texture to sustain an entire 11-song set. The single and first track, "Not a Love Song," is an inspired uptempo tune with a big chorus, followed by a few interesting slow-rockers, like the pretty, acoustic piano-laden "Wait Another Day." Beyond that, though Hailey and Grey clearly share a singular vision with producer Al Clay (Pixies, Blur), the songwriting just isn't there. Especially on slow numbers like "Everyone" and "Away From Here," which would both be suitable for a romantic comedy montage.
It's obvious "Common Reaction" is a frontloaded, superficial affair.
The distorted guitar and forthright vocals on "Explode" make for the edgiest moment on the album." By Christina Black, associated press.

Of course we all love the album, but there are those like Christina Black who critiqued the albums weaknesses. What do you guys think about her review?


speedy12 said...

I totally see where she is coming from, but I love the album for it's originality and creativity. It's a catchy project by two talented women who took the initiative to start and indie band and make it successful. I love 10 out of the 11 songs featured. However, the only complaint I have is that it's too short. Before you know it, the cd is finished playing. Maybe that's what Christina meant when she said it lacked substance. But give them credit, it's just their first album, and they did one HELL OF A JOB WITH IT...:)

Anonymous said...

I think the reviewer was saying that lyricly the songs "lacked substance", and that they didn't have a big emotional punch (at least not on her). I think she might have been to harsh though. This is Cam and Leisha's first full lenght album, and the first time Cam co-writes songs with someone else. There is still a lot of time for them to grow as a songwriting duo. The album was great and I really believe that their second will be even better. As for the album being too short...I agree. But then again I can't imagine UHH writing 10 minute epics a la Led Zeppelin.

speedy12 said...

Just to add to what your saying--the girls did say that the album was sorta rushed by the label. They really didn't have much time to sit down and write as a band. It was pushed due to time constraints for the album release, even the name of the band was hasty. Their sophomore project I think will be more composed and cohesive and they'll have more time to spend together as a writing and producing team to create an even more enjoyable piece of musical heaven.

~nitabe~ said...

Okay, I'm a lyrics-kinda girl. And I completely disagree with her evalution of the song 'Everyone'. I looove those lyrics, I was just bragging on it the other day- 'Long lives the fear we'll be forgotten, it's a sad sad world when we do not believe something... So we fight for what is right with no compromise' .
I do agree with you, Speedy, they said it was rushed, and on some tracks that was evident. But overall I think it was a great album, I love their voices so they could pretty much sing the phone book and I'd listen over and over again!

speedy12 said...

Nitabe--"Everyone" is my second favorite song after "Wait Another Day". It's such a pretty song and Cam's voice is sooo melodic, I can't stop listening to it. The lyrics are effectious.

cathy said...

Ok, maybe the abum was rushed, but given that the girls have done an amazing job!! I simply cannot stop listening to it and with every replay I become more and more delighted by the arrangements. Uh Huh Her have put together a trully emotional yet gritty album that taps into every emotion within the human soul. The only thing I agree with is that it's too short. So much to look forward to from these girls, and I for one will be following them very closely.
Cathy. (London).

Anonymous said...

I think the album is good everybody has their opinion.

Speedy do you know how sales are going for the album?

speedy12 said...

It's funny you should ask that---I'm going to wait a week after the release and check out the Billboard to see how first weeks sales faired up. I'll keep you posted on that.