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Friday, October 31, 2008

Cam's Mistake

OK CHECK THIS OUT---I've been trying to figure this out, so help me if you can. The girls just finished singing Common Reaction and now they are supposedly singing "So Long" or vice versa...Well Leisha is trying to get Cam's attention because she is singing the wrong lyrics. Leisha says "No, Cam..CAM!" Is that right? She was singing the wrong lyrics? It is too cute anyway... :)

Performance in da NYC


Thursday, October 30, 2008


Nice short interview with Leisha.


Photos done by Dese'Rae L. Stage




ENJOY!! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008






(for those of you who live in the U.S.A.)


Nice review of the Norfolk show. Protesters even showed up near the venue.....ARTICLE

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MY F....KED UP VIDEO.... :(

OK BEFORE YOU VIEW THIS VIDEO THAT I FILMED AT THE CONCERT--LET ME WARN YOU THAT THE VID IS MESSED UP ROYALLY!!!! I don't know what happened? Wait--I think I know what happened--I was too close to the speakers and it messed up my disk. The sound, the speed of the vid--all screwed up...but check it out any way. It would have been good if I had better positioning in the crowd away from the speakers. SO DON'T LAUGH!!!! :(

Monday, October 27, 2008

Camila 'Grey' Gutierrez

What is it about that girl Cam?
This is my 3rd time meeting Camila, and everytime I meet her she's even more beautiful and gracious as her counterpart. While we wait for the next exciting encounter with the girls to bless our blog--let's take this time to let Cam know how we feel about her. So for those of you who have met Cam or not, what is it about her that you love the most?... :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Leelin's UHH Experience!!

Ok first and foremost let me just say..Speedy please find some way to post this on your blog because I have no clue how. Thanks:)..Alright well let me tell you all about this amazing time that I had while seeing the girls perform in Philly tonight...First of all it amazes me b/c I finally decided at the last minute to go. I live in Baltimore so I still wasn't sure if I was gonna go or not..But man am I glad that I did . I left home around 4:45pm to make the drive, it was pouring down raining so it was very difficult for me to see. But I definitely found my way. I got to the place a little after 7( the show started at 9) and I met two incredibly cool girls that I really bonded with (hey Tara and Megan:) well we all waited outside until about 8:15 and then we were finally able to come in. We were some of the first girls in line so when we walked in we were right in front(OMG!!!!!!) I was soooo excited about that and I stood on Leisha's side of the stage so I was literally right in front of her. Ok so there was an opening act named The Fashion and at first we were pretty bummed b/c we wanted to see the girls A.S.A.P. So, The Fashion came on @ a little after 9 and they played about 6 or 7 songs and to my surprise I actually really liked them. Alright so after they were done, we of course had to wait for them to break their stuff down so that the people can set the girls stuff up. So we waited for a little while. Ok so finally around 10:30 the girls came on and let me tell ya'll ..I was sooooo fucking excited I swear, in fact I think that I was overly excited or their goes Leisha literally 5 feet away from me..I mean I'm looking directly at this woman..She had on the cutest little hat with this brown long top on, some leggings and some what looked like converse shoes(She looked sooo freaking cute)..Cam was on the other side of her of course but they were actually a little closer together this time and let me tell ya'll CAM LOOKED SOOO HOT!!!..She had on the tight skirt with this fancy looking tank top, her hair was in a ponytail and she had on these fishnet stockings and some high heals. Well anyway, I was literally the loudest one out of mean hey, I came there to have a good time and everyone else around me was all stiff just standing there taking pics(which by the way the security didn't search us at all for camera's) I mean I was singing every song and Josh the drummer was laughing at me. Leisha looked at me and gave me the biggest, brightest smile that I have ever seen(She did this 3 different times actually:) Cam even noticed me too and smiled at me. After the show we all waited in line to get our Merch signed..I had brought my cd from home and they were only letting people who had a gold wrist band get autographs(you had to purchase some stuff in order to get that) but one of the girls went up and told one of the guys that I already had my cd so they gave me a wrist band anyway(YAY!!!) So me Tara, and Megan waited in the back of the line(I took your advice Speedy:) and finally when it was my turn to get an autograph..I literally had no clue what to signed it first and I just said "I fucking love you guys" and she said "Aww thanks I really appreciate that"..Leisha signed it next and before I can even say anything to her she said "You were so cute out there" and Cam said "Yes you were" Leisha said "I really love how you were just dancing and having a blast"..I said "Oh of course, you guys were amazing and the audience were duds, I was in the front row so I had to show ya'll some love"..They both laughed and Leisha said thanks again, "You really brought a lot of life into it"..I said "I love you both"..They both said "Thanks"...I'm telling ya'll I literally could have died right so here's when you think it all ends...Oh but it doesn't.....So Tara, Megan and I are all outside just waiting around to get another glimse of the girls...Ok I have to tell ya'll this quick thing that happened..This drunk lady comes up to me and says "Hey sexy lady, do you have a dollar that you can spare"..I said "No i'm sorry I don't have any change on me" then she says "Do you wanna have sex"..I politely said "Ummm no I don't"..She says "Your a lesbian, right?" I say "No actually I'm not" and then she says "Yes you are" and I said "Lady if you want me to be a lesbian then I am, and these are my two girlfriends right here"( I pointed to Tara and Megan and they just laughed at me) so finally after about 10 mins she left....Now back to the girls...Finally the girls came out and some chick who's walking into the opposite direction bumps into Cam..I said to her "Did that chick just bump into you and she laughed cause of the serious look on my face and she said "It's cool"...Then her and Leisha got on the bus..(oh we had offered to buy them beers at the bar next door if they wanted it) so we waited inside the bar to see if they would come in..and to our surprise THEY DID!!!!!..So i'm literally standing right beside Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey at the bar..Cam then said she wanted to go some place that had music (The Phillies game was on) so then we all started walking out and I said to Leisha "I have no clue where we're going b/c I 'm not from here, I came from Maryland" ...and she said "No way, you drove all the way down here, how far was it, I said "well about 2 and a half hours since it was raining so bad, but I would do it in a heartbeat for you"..She smiled and said "Aww thanks" so by this time we all (including the girls) were standing outside waiting around a little and then Cam comes out of nowhere with this and was literally riding around a little...(I kid you not) then I realized that I hadn't taken a pic with any of the girls yet so I said "Leisha can I take a pic with you", she goes "Sure no problem" so Tara gets my camera and takes a pic..Cam comes past us still on that then a bunch of these girls come out of nowhere as we were about to go to this bar and they were all like "Cool let's go" (I mean WHAT THE HELL!!!) so the girls kinda huddled with each other for a minute and then Leisha says "Guys actually we're going to call it a night and head back on the bus" ...We told here that we completely understand..and I said "Well I'm going to head back on the road to" and she says "Yeah please get home safe"...I said "Thanks, ya'll stay safe as well"...They both say "Thanks" to us and then they walk back to their bus. We then walk back into the original bar and wait around until they finally pull off( I guess we thought that they would change their minds) but the bus took off....I said my goodbyes to the girls and we exchaged numbers and myspace addresses....and I got in my car and left....I'm telling ya'll this has been the greatest night of my life..I can't believe that I actually had a little conversation with Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey let alone hang out with them even if it was just for a little while..they are both sooo down to earth especially Leisha...I still can't believe it...Ok well i'm gonna try to get some sleep..I'll post the pics tomorrow as soon as I get them developed...

Story by Leelin..:) Photos by leelin will be uploaded later.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Nice report--I especially took a liking to Stan--He was really down to earth--and it shows that you don't have to be in any particular age group to enjoy good music. At the end, the girls make it known who their presidential candidate is...GET OUT THERE AND VOTE YOU GUYS--I can't begin to tell you how important it is right now...I voted early. :)


The pics above are the enormous tour bus that the girls are travelling in--Radiolova of the sho-boards who happens to live in Raleigh--and then me. :) Too my dismay Leisha was just as excited to meet me as I was to meet her. Ok I've been getting calls already about the Leisha encounter, so here it goes:
I got to the Venue (The Lincoln Theatre) about 3:30pm in hopes of meeting the girls b4 showtime--come to find out they had just left out to get something to eat. Of course I was thinking "Ok, I'll wait till they get back to get a pic with them". Well-I waited..and waited...and waited...waited all the way till 5:30pm. Kirby from the UHH boards was also out there with me...both of us had the same intentions...Well when we started to hear Cam singing and doing sound check from inside, we realized that they had given us the slip..:( But all was not in vain. I WAS DETERMINED TO GET MY PICTURE!! The girls came on about 9ish and the room uproariously erupted with screams and yells from the 200+ females crowding the joint. I also got some KICK-ASS FOOTAGE ON VIDEO...:) Long story short---I met up with Radiolova a short time before the girls went on. We made a pact and sealed it in blood that we were gonna meet the girls and get some photo ops. When the concert ended--everyone bum-rushed the autograph table to get up close and personal with their favorite female rock band. Well my heart almost was shattered when the bouncers (or as I call them--gorillas) started shouting "NO PICTURES" "NO PICTURES". Two other girls had snuck pics from the girls b4 the bouncers (gorillas) got there. They kept their promise about the pics, cuz no one else was allowed to take pics after that. Obviously they don't know me very well...heh heh. Anyway, Radiolova and I ascertained that we were the last ones to get autographs. This was my opportunity to let Leisha know who I was. Mind you--three other girls were trying to stick around for pictures too..but that wasn't my concern. I approached Leisha and she immediately shook my hand and gave me the warmest smile that could light up a football stadium. I leaned into her and said "Leisha-I don't know if you remember, but I interviewed you about a month ago. Angela hooked up a phoner with you and I for my Atlanta based Magazine...." ---B4 I could even finish my spew--Leisha, to my surprise jumped up and pointed to me excitedly and said' "OMG!!! YES! I REMEMBER YOU--I'VE BEEN WANTING TO MEET YOU--OMG!! I wanted to apologize to you for sounding soo tired during our interview---I felt bad...but I was sooo tired that day-I've been wanting to meet you since that day". I told her it was ok and that I knew she had been working quadruple shifts. I also told her I'm sorry if I kept her from your busy schedule. She said" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! IT'S TOTALLY OK--YOU DIDN'T BOTHER ME AT ALL!!." This is when I realized that Leisha gets excited really easily..lolol. Well of course I asked her the inevitable--"I would love to get a picture with you and Cam for the magaz..." she cuts me off, as if she read my mind-- she says' "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!" and commands me behind the autograph booth to get our pic. All bets are off at this point and the bouncers NO LONGER HAVE CONTROL OF THE PICTURE TAKING...hahaha. Leisha had a smile on her face the whole entire time as if we were two ole buddies who hadn't seen each other in was kismet. We took our pics and then we proceeded to chat a bit. She asked how long was my flt from da ATL to Raleigh? I said it was only an hr...She says' "You flew all the way from Atlanta just to see us?" But of course my dear Radiolova told Leisha that I was at the LA show too, then Leisha looked at me with those wide chinky eyes and asked me if I was at the LA show too?... She said' "We gotta talk.." She started to ask me if I was going to the LA show in November, but the bouncers by this time told us-(including UHH)-that they had to shut down and no more pictures or conversations at this point. I told Leisha that I will send her copies of the magazine as soon as it's printed--she said ok and both she and Cam gave me the warmest hug I have ever gotten from a celebrity--and I've met quite a few on them...I could only feel how geniune and appreciative they were just from that hug alone...I can't explain it...but it was REAL. Bouncers were getting antsy---before I left--Leisha yelled' "I'm soo glad I met you". Leisha--the feeling is most definitely mutual......MUAHH!! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

UHH's NEW SONG//I've Had Enough

Shannon you're the talk of the town today....I love the footage you got of the girls singing their new song. I love it already...:)


I just thought I would help Shannon out and post her experience for her, so she can catch up on some much needed rest. Here it goes:

"I just want to mention, these girls were really really nice. I know I've read a few things saying that Leisha wasn't always nice to fans, but after yesterday, I have a hard time imagining that. When they did the signing, I gave her my shirt to sign, and she was like, "wait, you didn't pay for this did you?" and I said that I didn't, and she said, "are you sure? you promise?" And she was looking over at the merch table like she was going to make sure they gave me my money back if I'd paid for it. Also, when my friends and I first talked to them outside the venue that afternoon, it was Leisha who said hello to us first; we were all playing it cool and not saying anything to them until they approached us first. So I do find it hard to believe that she's rude to fans. She was completely friendly, as was cam. I was happy to find that they were both such down to earth, easy to talk to girls. I almost forgot I was talking to "famous people", haha!Ok anyway, let me go ahead and tell you the whole story So we got to the venue around 2pm after driving 3 hours and having some lunch before standing in line all day. We just sat around for 2 hours, not doing much of anything, when a bus pulls into the parking lot. We were speculating as to what band might be on the bus; there were four bands playing there that night (they have two venues in the same building, so there were two headliners and two opening bands... plus Amy Cook played a few songs before the UHH show, which was great!). so we watched the crew members unload the trailer that the bus was carrying behind it. About half an hour after it got there, they were finally done and the four band members came walking around the side of the bus. The first thing that caught my eye was Leisha's green boots! I was suddenly so nervous, and was afraid I'd be too scared to stop them to give them the shoes. But they made it way easier by saying hi to us first. So I got a sudden jolt of courage and said, "hey i have something for you!". Leisha walked over to us and asked what I had. I was bending down to get them out of my bag and I was telling her that I was the winner of the tagging contest. I asked her if they'd seen the video. At first she didn't seem to know if she'd seen it, but when I pulled the shoes out she was like, "YES! we did see that one, it was so awesome!" (of course I'm paraphrasing there; it was all a big jumble of me being nervous, so I don't remember her exact words, but that was basically it). At that point I stood up and she stuck out her hand and said, "I'm Leisha" and as I shook her hand I think I mumbled something like, "yeah i know!" (haha!) Then Cam did the same. Anyway, so the whole band was looking at the shoes and talking about how much they liked them. I think it was Josh who was saying he liked the skull . Then Leisha made the comment I quoted earlier, "these shoes are f**king awesome!", which sort of gave me a little thrill. Then they asked what size they were, I said they were men's 7, Cam said that was 9 in women's. Leisha said they would be too big for her, and Cam joked about how it was good that she had bigger feet than Leisha. Then Leisha said, "will you paint a pair for me if i pay you?" And of course I said YES! So she asked me for my contact information. I scribbled down my name and email address on a piece of paper that she put in her pocket. Cam suggested that Leisha get me to paint some boots for her. I told her maybe she could send me a pair of boots that I could paint, so we'd know they fit her, and she thought that was a good idea. I asked if I could take a photo with them and they said Sure, so first I just took one of them. Then they said "come get in the picture with us!" So I stood next to cam, who told me I should get in the middle. I was starting to get over being nervous by this time. It stopped feeling like I was talking to my favorite band, and instead like I'd just met two cool girls. if that makes any sense... it's just that they weren't acting like they were being bothered or like they wanted to hurry and get away from the geeky fans. They were just a couple of genuinely nice girls that we happened to be talking to. Then I told them about how I'd been talking to Brian from Nettwerk about the free t-shirt they were going to give me at the show for winning the contest, so she told me to talk to them after the show and they would make sure I got one. Then they said goodbye and went into the venue. We saw them go back and forth several more times, but we didn't want to bother them, so we kinda played it cool and pretended we didn't notice, lol. We listened to soundcheck, and i managed to record a little of mystery lights during that. It's a little muffled though.Then we finally got in, after a bit of confusion at the door about who was getting in first. There were about 5 people who'd waited for hours, so we were trying to make sure that at least the five of us got good spots (and we all did, thankfully). I stood right in front of the stage on Leisha's side. In fact, I even sat my bag on the stage in front of her pedals, haha. When they came out the crowd went CRAZY. And I'm happy to report that i personally didn't hear anyone yelling out "Alice!" although I did hear several people referring to her as that at various points when they weren't playing Apparently some girl yelled "play some murmurs songs!" The crowd was really into the show, lots of screaming and yelling going on. I heard a lot of "I love you CAM!" which made me happy. I'm always a little bummed that Leisha gets all of the attention. Cam is great too! And she's so gorgeous in person. I mean, even when she got off the bus in her street clothes, she was just really stunning. Photos don't do her justice!The band sounded great. They did an awesome version of Mystery Lights that's been reworked, and includes a bit of "Sweet Dreams are Made of This" at the end. They had a lot of funny banter too (i managed to record some of it). At one point, I guess Cam read the wrong thing on the setlist, and Leisha told her she needed reading glasses. Then she said, "you're getting old cam", to which Cam replied, "at least i'm not 30". The whole audience was like "oooooh!!", and Leisha sort of quietly said, "no, i'm not either" Cam said, "it gets better when you're 30, that's what I hear", then Leisha said, "your life is gonna get so good this year, trust me". then after the song, cam put her arm around Leisha and whispered something. Leisha came to the mike and said that cam apologized for calling her old. She said, "I'm not old!" And of course with me being 34, I had to agree with that!I got a copy of the setlist after they played, and here are the songsI've had enoughSo LongRunCoveredMystery LightsExplodeI See RedCommon ReactionEveryoneSay SoWait Another DayAway From HereDance With MeNot a Love Song (encore)Dreamer was on the bottom of the list, but they didn't play it After that they left the stage, and my friends and I lined up for the signing. I already told you how that went Leisha and Cam thanked me again for the shoes, and Leisha said she'd get in touch with me soon. As for the person earlier in this thread who said I should share her contact info, I hope you were joking. There's no way I would betray her trust like that. It would be really uncool of me to do so. I'm looking forward to getting to do some work for her; I was thinking of suggesting a trade instead of her paying me. After seeing her painting on ebay, I know I'd love to have some of her art to hang in my apartment. So I'll ask her if she'd like to trade instead of giving me money. That would be rad.ok! well that's about all I think. whew! what a day" .

Story by Shannon... :)

*****SHE DID IT!!!!*****


Olivia Mexican Cruise//Leisha A No Show?

I spoke with one of my constituents from the Olivia Cruise to find out the scoop on the question and answer session LH was scheduled to do. For those of you that don't know LH is the new face of Olivia, and she was scheduled to do the Mexican Riviera Cruise with all the women who were getting married on that voyage. Well there was supposed to be a question and answer session with Leisha. There was huge hoopla surrounding the excitement of it all. Well I told one of my contacts who attended the event to provide us feedback on Leisha or anything concerning her on the cruise. To my disappointment she told me Leisha was a no-show. I'm sure it was a scheduling issue of some sort that was to blame for her absence. But you know me, I gotta get down to the nitty-gritty of things...afterall-this IS a blog. So if any of you have any information, don't hesitate to share.... :)

Monday, October 20, 2008


I don't know exactly what TWITTER is but according to the girls they will be posting some comments after their shows on this website. Check it out....Twitter

Sunday, October 19, 2008

UHH Martini Ranch In AZ

This is the second performance right after the San Diego gig. I really love this song "Dreamer". If anyone has footage or pics from the San Diego gig, please share them with us. Enjoy the clip. Btw-that pic of Leisha was taken at the San Diego gig. ******FYI****** Jacques, the guitarist, is no longer in the group. We still love you Jacques!!! :) Vid done by Rhay on UTube.

Friday, October 17, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYE!!!! myspace graphic comments


btw: kaye is the one in the cute pink T. ;

Thursday, October 16, 2008


IT'S ON!! The tour kicks off Oct. 17th at the Belly Up Tavern in San Diego, CA. To my surprise the shows aren't sold out, and some markets like Atlanta and Florida are not on the itinerary...hmmmm. ANYWAY, GET YOUR CAMERAS AND CAMCORDERS READY CUZ THIS BLOG IS ABOUT TO BE SATURATED WITH CONCERT INFO AND PHOTOS!! I'm counting on all my loyal bloggers to feed with me with whatever info you can come up with from the concerts. Get there early, but most importantly be safe and have fun. I'll be out of town for a couple of days, but I will be checking the blog periodically to see if any of you have found new info on Leisha. Take care and I'll be back soon. KAYE HOLD IT DOWN FOR ME!!! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well it looks like Leisha will set the stages for her spinoff in ole London, England. Right after the tour Leisha will be flying to Europe to film the pilot. The spinoff title hasn't been released nor has it been authenticated yet. Click the LEISHA link to read yet another Leisha interview and what she has to say about the spinoff.....LEISHA

Pantheons Book Party

I love the friendship and the red boots above.
This one is my favorite photo. They almost make a cute couple... :) Here are some photos taken at the Pantheons Book Signing Party recently. The book I believe is entitled "I Live Here". Never heard of this but the pictures are really cute of Mia and Leisha. Check out Leisha's Hott Red Boots. CAN SOMEONE SAY "FUNKY"!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Ok--here it is. There has been speculation on the some discussion boards as to what the symbol on Leisha's arm means in this photo taken during The Dinah weekend. The emblem is also affixed to her painting she did for the HRC in my previous post. Some say it pertains to the first two letters of her L Word character Alice...good guess, but I don't think that's the answer. So I have an idea...a few of us are attending some
UHH gigs, and I do believe they are going to be hands on with their fans and sign autographs again. I would like those who get to meet Leisha in person to ask her what's the significance of that symbol "A1" or "Al". I will also ask... :) How many of you are down for the mission? In the meantime, I can't imagine what it could mean or what it symbolizes... :/

Sunday, October 12, 2008

And The Winner Is......

This is really cool. Shannon aka (skipgo) won the UHH video tagging contest awhile back--I peeped her video yesterday and was amazed how ingenious and creative the video was...I'm impressed. Well Shannon is planning on giving the girls the shoes when she attends their concert, and she has vowed to give us feedback on the outcome. So Shannon, make sure you come back and tell us how it went. I'm really excited about the reaction you're gonna get when they receive the shoes. Good Luck. In the meantime--check out Shannon's video that won her the coveted prize.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tegan & Sara-Camila Grey Paintings//HRC

The girls painted these backstage before the Washington D.C. True Colors show this past June, amidst the worst heat wave D.C. has ever seen as well as not even getting to have their own sound check. Despite it all, the paintings are adorable, and I know you'd all love to own them, so if you're in the D.C. area, come on out to the dinner this Saturday and place a bid! It's money well spent, not just for the paintings, but as a donation to the biggest GLBT advocacy organization in the U.S. (and god knows we need all of the help we can get! Maybe someday we'll be as cool as Canada...) The last painting you see on this page was actually done by Camila Grey of Uh Huh Her. I don't know if it's actually a painting per say as opposed to an eclectic ensemble of images stenciled together...BUT I LOVE IT!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Leisha's Painting On Ebay

You'll be bidding on an original rendition of the Human Rights Campaign equality logo painted by Leisha as she took a break from shooting the last season of The L Word in Vancouver.
I want to thank Vikki who is AWESOME for keeping us "in the know". For more info, click the link to find out more about Leisha's "painting for a purpose". THE ART


Some celebs are encouraging you not to if you don't care about the economy, terrorism, childcare, health insurance, education and the welfare of our nation, then take heed to the plee...DON'T VOTE...

HollywoodDeclaresThemselvesby declareyourself

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Premiere Info.

I WANNA BE THERE TO SEE KATE AND MARLEE THROW THE MID FINGA AT EACH OTHER!!!! I've been doing some calling around to find out a date and location for the S6 premiere. But I need some help...I need you guys to call the Showtime execs and get a "RISE outta of em". I can understand the details for S6 is held under wraps, but not the premiere!! Have you guys heard anything?? :-/


Another photogenic picture of Leisha and her dog "muffy". Well I really don't know her dogs name, but the dog looks like she could be called "muffy". Leisha is again wearing her gf's clothing line-FreeCity and some corduroy pants with some suede shoes---This pic has to be in Canada somewhere if Leish is wearing some fall like attire. CORDUROYS IN LA?? I just can't see it. But I love this pic only because she's soo demonstratively laid back and relaxed. I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that she doesn't have problems with the papparazzis. Ellen and Portia have that problem everyday...I can't imagine being rich and having to live under the scrutiny of the media and tabloids everyday, AND HAVE TO BE SUBJECTED TO BEING FOLLOWED WITH A CAMERA EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE!! I couldn't do it. I'm so glad Leisha is immune to that--at least for the moment...:)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Attention all Uh Huh Her fans. We are calling on you to submit video footage to help us make Uh Huh Her Webisode 8. We are looking for video footage from the UHH Tagging contest, previous contest footage, street team footage, live footage, or anything else pertaining to Uh Huh Her. Footage can be sent to By sending us footage you have agreed to give us the rights to broadcast the footage in anyway we choose. Since we will need the raw video file, you may either attach or host the footage. Webisode 8 will premier on imeem so it's your chance to shine as a director! You can watch all past webisodes here.

Please send in all footage by Friday, October 10th 2008.

Here's yet another nice interview done with the girls by writer Natalie here.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Inconspicuously Conspicuous

If you are attending the concert---make sure you get there early. When Kaye and I went to the ATL gig in May, we showed up about 5hrs before they started. We spotted Leisha as we turned the corner. As a matter of fact the picture shown here is exactly how we encountered Leisha that fateful day...lolol. She was wearing a similar hat and had the those big ass glasses on. I knew it was her instantly. She, Cam, Jacques and Josh were all walking the streets like they lived there...lolol. I LOVED IT!!!!

So if you're planning on seeing the girls up close and personal, you might wanna get there a little before showtime. I'm getting there at 4pm for an 8pm show.

Can you guys read the fake tattoo on Leisha's left upper chest?

Friday, October 3, 2008




I posted this video not for the content, but for the voice behind the music. Correct me if I'm wrong but this Murmurs song is from one of their albums entitled "Pristine Smut" produced by kd lang. I used to work at Blockbuster Music and was exposed to every genre of music known to man. The Murmurs was a cd that I always sold occasionally to my customers, but I failed to pick it up and listen. I regret that now because I really love the song "Genius". Leisha is not a "singer" compared to the likes of a Cheryl Crow or a Dido..etc etc, but she can hold a tune. Leisha's voice is unique and individualized with a certain soft innocence and a hint of naivete to it. I love it. This is what I would like to hear more of in UHH's sophomore album...I WANT TO HEAR MORE LEISHA.

Please take a moment and look at the vid, but pay attention to the song. LISTEN TO LEISHA SING, LISTEN TO THE QUALITY OF HER LOVELY VOICE... :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I can't wait to see my girls in action, hopefully I can finally get that picture with Leisha that I have been craving for sooo long....a maybe sneak a smooch from Cam...lolol