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Sunday, August 3, 2008


Not everyone can rock it like Leisha.

Throughout the years, we have seen LH in just about everything. I have to admit, I wouldn't be caught dead in some of these outfits--but only because I wouldn't be able to pull it off. I can totally sport the above wardrobe (jeans and a white blouse). That's more my style; but Leisha takes fashion 3 steps further into a whole other realm of styling imagery. I don't care if Leisha wore some high heel possum made boots, with an alligator dress, a bright red cowboy hat and a muzzle--SHE WILL STILL ROCK THAT SH..T AND LOOK DAMN GOOD IN IT!!!


Heather said...

She can pretty much pull anything off...shes adorable. I just got some old Curves in the mail and one that I ordered was a Leisha Hailey one from April 2005 and she was talking about how she was told to go home and change before her call back audition because her clothes were a little out there...that surprised me, I think she looks adorable in anything.

speedy12 said...

Yeah heather--I remember when she said that in one of her interviews. But Leisha has always challenged fashion and turned it into her own--with an edge to it. I remember Erin Daniels saying that Leisha always had a keen eye for fashion. I remember when she was with kd-and kd would wear a nice modern suit and tie, then Leisha would be right next to her in flip flops, sequined dress and a cowboy hat wearing some Buddy Holly glasses. BUT SHE ROCKED IT!!! kd didn't have any complaints...lolol

misty4me said...

It's amazing how some ladies could put on a 33 gal. black trash bag with some strappy 4" heel sandals, lots and lots of gold chains, and would make a hit as a fashion statement...and some can have the best stylist known and be a fashion flop...I think having just the right sense of self adds a lot to it...I love how Leisha dresses!!!

J School said...

some of leisha's outfits seem way out there, but i think thats what makes her stand out in a crowd. i think a lot of people just aren't brave enough to wear some of the things LH wears, i know i'm not. i stick with the jeans and shirts.

kind of on topic, if you want to know what LH and Camila were wearing in last month's issue of Curve, the new issue has the fashion credits near the front.

speedy12 said...

Cool J--I'll check out the fashion credits...:-)