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Thursday, August 21, 2008

So...How do you like it?

I am in LOVE with 'Common Reaction!' It's been in heavy rotation since the day it has been delivered.

My favorite songs are:

-Common Reaction

-So Long

-Dance With Me


-Wait Another Day

I sing those literally all day long. Don't get me wrong, all the songs are FANTASTIC, but those five have me singing like bad karoke when it comes!

By demand, the Band's "Thank You's".
Camila Thanks: Mom and Dad-without your neverending support I'd be no where and I love you both, Clea Duvall for all your love and belief in me. Susana de la Rionda, Tim Collins and Jeff Dorenfeld.
Leshia Thanks: Nina Garduno for your love and support. Mom, Dad and Kaydra Hailey, my wonderful family, I love you so much.
Uh Huh Her Thanks: Alicia Warrington, Linda Perry, Free City Workshop elves, Mia Kirshner, Kate Moennig, E.Z, Liz Lambert, Amy Cook

-I did NOT list all the Uh Huh Her Thank You's, just the names in the list that we all know. I think it's cute that Mia and Kate were mentioned, also Alicia, who was the original third member of the band.

-Def. Doesn't hurt that I got an autographed picture from them too!!!! Yay!! LOL


J School said...

I STILL haven't gotten my copy (unless its in today's mail which I haven't checked). I cannot wait to hear the whole thing.

speedy12 said...

Man--what's taking these Nettwerk soo long to get these cd's out to ppl...jeez. Kaye thank you for posting the UHH credits. I think Alicia Warrington was mentioned because she's the one who's actually playing with them on the album. Remember--Josh and Jacques came after the album was produced. J-school---WHADDUP WITCHA HOMEY!!!! :-)

portuense-portista said...

Thank you Kaye! Thank you so much :D

It's really sweet that they thanked Mia and Kate :p

"woRk of aRt" said...

I got mine yesterday and I think its great!

~nitabe~ said...

looooves it! uhh is awesome!! thank gawd we've got at least 2more to look forward to! ;)

shaz said...

I ordered it from Amazon. My favs are definitely Common Reaction, Everyone, Wait Another Day, Not A Love Song, Dance With Me and the new IMO more intimate version of Say So!

J School said...

almost a week after the release and still no cd. i got books for school i ordered like two days ago already, whats up? if i wasn't going to get an autograph i would totally find out how to cancel my order and buy somewhere else.

Speedy--nothin much goin on, just waitin for school to start. you?

Latinbi said...

Hey Speedy and j school I finally got my CD today yeah, and yes it is very very good too. I guess it was worth the wait.

speedy12 said...

Thank Goodness-Latinbi. I'm happy--You're one of us now...lololol