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Friday, May 30, 2008

Alice quotes

New poll everyone! I want to see what is your favorite Alice quote. There are just too many quotes that could not make the list. So tell me what is one of your favorites that aren't listed on the poll? Don't forget to vote!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hair Showdown

First of all, let me say thank you to all who voted. I was astonished to see that 44 people voted in our poll. So who won? Majority of the votes went to Leisha's long blonde hair. Which I voted for personally. So here are some pictures of our lovely blonde and her long locks.

Let me add, Leisha looks really cute with her short hair.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The L Words woman of color was a hit with the girls this Memorial Day weekend as she celebrated with a few of our friends in DC for Black Pride. Rose Rollins who plays, Tasha on showtimes cable series The L Word, was this years hostess for the event which gathers hundreds of gay men and women every summer. Unfortunately I was unable to make it; luckily I had my good friends Carmel, Rhonda and Coolfyah attend to keep tabs on Rose and all her movements throughout the night. I'm glad being shy wasn't an issue when the girls approached Rose and made conversation. Of course the outcome was this beautiful pic of my homeys and the lovely Miss Rollins cheesin for the camera. This will probably be the last function Rose will attend before she heads to Vancouver, along with Leisha Hailey and the rest of the lovely ladies, to film the 6th and last season of The L Word in June. Check out the Rose Rollins Fan Blog for more info on this rising star with the sensational smile--and the gorgeous body to match.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Live in the Studio

Uh Huh Her talks to Boston's They give three live performances and a great interview. Defiantly should listen. I love how they performed 'Say So', Plus Cam is too cute!

Listen to the interview

Monday, May 26, 2008

Uh Huh Her On The Road Pt. 2

Mickey Mouse impressions, Traffic dancing, hissing cockroaches, and radio bloopers Oh My! Sounds like another day in the life of Uh Huh Her.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What You Talking About Ilene?!

A recent interview with The L Word creator, Ilene Chaiken has been all over the internet about S6 spoilers. Now, I know that this is the last season and all, but I want it to be fun and happy. We know we want get that for all the characters (Shane) seeing how S5 ended. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

B&TF: Can you share something we can expect in Season 6, some surprises maybe?
Ilene Chaiken: Um, no! Why would I share it? I want it to be a surprise.
B&TF: Well, people could kind of prepare themselves for whatever’s coming.
IC: Give me a question and I’ll see if I can answer.
B&TF: Will Shane be able to settle down or will it continue to be her Lothario ways?
IC: I can’t answer that question.
B&TF: Will Bette and Tina stay together?
IC: I can’t answer that question.
B&TF: Will Alice & Tasha stay together?
IC: I can’t answer that question.
B&TF: (laughing) Ok. Anything you can say at all?

IC: Everybody will have a wild ride. There will be lots of drama, lots of tumult, lots of love, lots of romance. Some people will end happy. Some couples will stay together, some will struggle and some will move on for the better.
B&TF: Will there be fan interaction like there was in Season 5 with the Charlie’s Angels scenes?
IC: There will be something. I’m not exactly sure what yet but we definitely are going to have an interactive season and an opportunity for our fans to take part in some very specific way. We’ve really taken a lot of information from fans of the show and their voices are very present in the stories that we tell.

No Ilene!! Keep the couples Together! Don't end the show that way! Keep Bette and Tina, Alice and Tasha together. Let's finally get Kit a man who is right for her (I miss Angus), Shane to grow up, and Jenny finally get happy! I know, it all won't happen, but I'm a sucker for happy endings.

What do you guys want to happen in S6? Which couples to stay together? Who would you like to see make guest appearances? All I have to add is, NO PARIS HILTON!!!

To Read the full interview, Go Here

Thursday, May 22, 2008

What She Just Say?

I love listening to music, but at times I have a habit of filling words into songs that arent actually there, you know what I mean? Don't get me started on rap lyrics. Most likely I say things that aren't even in the English dictionary. Well I have a gift for everyone. I know all of you have been listening to your Uh Huh Her CD's, but do you actually know the words? Let me help you out with some lyrics to all their songs from thier EP, "I See Red".

These LYRICS will help make sure that the next Uh Huh Her concert you go to, you will be singing the right words.


Leisha is the new face of Olivia Cruises which is the largest lesbian party cruiseline of its kind. The actress/musician will be appearing on select Olivia Cruises performing with her band UH HUH HER starting in late August.
Read more on Hailey as she shares the spotlight with Cheryl Swoopes in her exciting new venture as the...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Check out Leishas Podcast as she trys to explain why she doesn't return phone calls...hmmmmmm.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Afterellen's Hot 100!

NOOOO!!! Leisha is NOT Number One!!
Leisha is not number one on Afterellen's Hot 100 list, but they said she ranked "pretty high up there" What number do you think she ranked? I'm going to go out on a limb and say number Two. I just don't see anyone as hot! Personally I voted for her like 100 times, ok, well about 10 times, but I guess that wasn't enough. Oh well, there's always next year.

Don't Forget To Pre-Order

Reminder to Preorder your Uh Huh Her CD, Common Reaction. If you Pre-order the CD before July 28, 2008 you will receive a personalized autographed 8x10 photo of the band! (This will be made out to the name entered under the shipping address on the order.)In addition, you will also receive an autographed CD booklet, and a free instant download of the single, 'Not A Love Song'. What are you waiting for?! Head on over and order now!

Common Reaction will be available in stores August 19, 2008

theres something about a woman with a natural eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, foundation..etc. beauty to me is unsophisticated and free--grasping the art of unpolished oneness.
tell me..what makes Leisha beautiful?

Monday, May 19, 2008

What a Kisser

Here to give you a daily dose of Leisha Lovin. I always loved this video. I think it has to do with me enjoying watching Leisha kiss. She can go from hot kisses, to sexy, to funny, to awkward....remember the one with Jenny in Season 4? I thought you did.

-Credit to xcrash

L Word Withdrawals

I know I'm not the only one missing the L word. Sadly this is going to be its sixth and final season. The cast has to be in Vancouver the last week of this month and filming should start the following week. Speedy and myself will keep you posted on spoilers. Here is something to get you through the summer. Watch the whole series on your computer for free!

Surf The Channel




The L Word Episodes

All Over Me

Leisha's first film made in 1997, is now on youtube. I haven't watched it in awhile, but she pops up around Part's 2 or 3. Overall very interesting movie, but it's worth viewing by all Leisha fans. Plus you get to see her as a cute pink haired rocker! What more could you ask for?

-Credit to jichaine

Why Do You Love Leisha?

What kind of question is that?! It should be, How could you Not love her... I know Speedy has tons to say about Ms. Hailey. Here is my List:

  • Laughter

  • Sense of Humor

  • Music

  • Acting

  • Beauty

  • Smile

  • Ability to Do just about anything and make it look 'cute' (See her in CSI)

The list can go on and on....tell me, what do you love most about Leisha?

What A Musician

I have had the pleasure of seeing this young and multitalented woman grasp her own destiny in the palm of her hand. She has captured and conquered every goal that she has ever set out to accomplish; and made it look damn easy. Leisha Hailey in nothing short of inspirational and is no stranger to music. She formed the Murmurs in the early 90's and then went on to team up with Heather Grody to form the pop group Gush. But Leisha was undaunted; she's been busy eversince. If you haven't seen this beauty in action on stage, then you're depriving yourself of a musical phenomenon in the making.
She and Camilla Grey have put their heads and hearts together to form the electro-indie rock group
UH HUH HER along with drummer Josh and guitarist Jacques (last names unknown), who are two of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I went to the Atlanta concert with many expectations of seeing and listening to a band that introduces us to a genre of music not all too familiar in this region. But I have to say, once they grace the pavement of your city, word spreads pretty fast..Their music is infectious and most pleasing to ear. Leisha and Camilla are absolute Beasts on the bass guitar mixed with adds from Josh and Jacques to complete the sound. I was in awe on how incredibly talented Leisha is on the bass guitar. when she gets into rock musician mode, it's nothing short of amazing to see her perform.
This group has it's own identity and should not be swayed by the fact that Leisha is also one of the stars of The L Word, eventhough both women would probably admit that Leishas recurring role on TLW did give the band a boost musically. But don't get in twisted...They are THE REAL DEAL!! I'm officially an UH HUH HER fanatic. Currently the foursome is touring major cities in the U.S. and parts of Canada but it will be thrwarted temporarily since Leisha will go into production soon to film the final season of the L Word. It's all good though, she's all about business...the tour resumes in August - so check this blog or you can navigate to UH HUH HER's website for tour dates in your town and GET YOUR TICKETS!!! If you get a chance to meet Miss Hailey let me give you heads up--she appears shy, but sweet, appreciative and very approachable....Be careful, she can easily melt your heart into euphoric oblivion when she dons that beauteous warm smile of hers.
Don't sleep on this talent that is compelled to make music history!!!

Uh Huh Her On The Road

Alrighty people, Stay tuned because Uh Huh Her are going to start a little webisode series. Me and Speedy will keep you up to date on all the episodes. Here is the first installment. Love the dancing they do. Watch Leisha do the 'Roger Rabbit'

Leisha, You Have Some 'Splaining to Do!

Ok, I'm tired of people saying that Leisha is a 'B' after a recent interview she had. Just because she doesn't want to answer a few questions and wants to remain private, does not mean that she is 'snobby' all of a sudden. Read the article and tell me what you think...


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Uh Huh Her On Tour

Me and Speedy12 had the pleasure of seeing Uh Huh Her on tour in Atlanta May 12. If you haven't had a chance to see them you definitely should. Camila Grey and Leisha are amazing! They are some of the sweetest people you could meet. The drummer, Josh, is a beast and the guitarist, Jacque, is so cool. Sadly most of the shows are sold out, but it doesn’t hurt to call the venue and see if they have extra tickets. The Atlanta show was sold out, but the venue had 20 more tickets to sell. Call People! You won't be disappointed.


May 20Highline BallroomNew York, NYSOLD OUT
May 21Cafe CampusMontreal, PQSOLD OUT
May 23Mod ClubToronto, ONSOLD OUT
May 31The RoxyLos Angeles, CASOLD OUT
August 30Showbox SoDoSeattle, WATickets on Sale


Yay, Post number one! I am happy to welcome everyone to the Leisha Hailey Fan Blog. I have been a huge fan of this woman since The L Word began. She captivated me by her character Alice. I mean, who couldn't fall in love with her? Since then, I have seen most of all her movies, and tv show appearances. I lurk around on different message boards and love to hear about all the other fans of hers out there. So, if you are a fan of Leisha, then please voice your love for this wonderful woman. This fan blog was made by two huge Leisha fans, Kaye87 and Speedy12. All Leisha Lovers Unite!