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Thursday, July 31, 2008




I just thought I would share some photos I took of the girls when they performed in Da ATL in May. I should have become a photographer....lolol. Anyway, I will be in Vancouver on Aug, 19th hoping to see UHH there. They'll be roaming the streets celebrating the release of their first album 'Common Reaction'. Hopefully, we can catch up with them and chit chat. The interview with the girls is a bit difficult now since both girls are currently separated by bodies of water. But we will keep you updated...I want you to take this time to post any questions you would like to ask the girls...make the questions as original as possible. I wanna know if they listen to hip-hop and if they have any favorite hip-hop artist....smooches.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

They're Back!!!

Long time no speak my fellow bloggers! I finally have the internet back on my laptop, how I missed blogging for you. Luckily I have my blog Partner--Speedy-- to the rescue and she has been a blogging machine!!

A few days ago, Uh huh her posted on thier official myspace page a new blog on an upcoming fall tour. This is what they had to say...

24 Jul 2008, 16:00

Distance Between The border of Canada and the U.S. has once again been drawn between us. Looks like somebody is going to have to fly up north to celebrate a certain record that is coming out on the 19th. If anyone is free that night we will be roaming the streets of Vancouver looking for a good time. UHH big news! The video is finished and it's dope. Not sure when it's coming out but it can't be long. We shot two. Second time was a charm in this case. Scrap all car references. Imagine this one. Fantasy. Is there a pig in it? No. Is there an alligator you ask? Nope. What about a sloth? Wrong again. Just hold your horses and wait. The fall tour is being routed as we speak. Lots of the U.S. and lots of Europe. October through December. It will be cold then so keep in mind that the more people there are in the venues the warmer we will all be. We miss you all more than we miss each other and that's a lot because we really miss each other. When UH is without the H, life just isn't the same.

A big kiss to you from the north and south.

Cam and Leisha

Let me tell you, I for one will defiantly be at one of thier shows. Are any of you ladies going to try and make it to a Uh Huh Her concert this fall?

*****Just Leisha*****

This compilation of our lovely Leisha Hailey was created compliments of Xcrash. I love the many faces of Leisha in all her glory...thanks xc for putting together this video collage of our favorite L actress...U ROCK!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

:-( :-( :-( UNCERTAINTY :-( :-( :-(

We had a post on The Showtime message boards entitled, "So I Met Jennifer Beals" posted by Sudini. Apparently Sudini did a walk-n-roll on the set in Vancouver and got a chance to meet some of the stars of the LW, including Jennifer Beals. We thanked her for sharing her experience with us since we weren't fortunate enough to be there. But she did divulge some spoilers about Jenny, Shane and "Tibette", as they are lovingly known, but she didn't reveal too much about Tasha and Alice-other than they kept bickering at each other. Now what troubles me is that IC will have them fussing & fighting for the entire 8 ep's before they call it quits. Then there's the comment by Rose Rollins doubting that their relationship will survive all the disparity that have plagued them since day one. Are you guys feeling a sense of lost hope here? I want to see them make it, but the faith that I have in my belove Talice is slowly fading into oblivion...Help!! I need some reassurance. :=(


Check out the Be Scene 2007--Leisha plays Shane in a scene with two other actresses. It's really cute and funny. Leisha and Kate are even seen talking to Camilla Grey, who is off camera, but is apparently cracking jokes.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I just hate to hear that the experience of one person's chance meeting or interaction with a celebrity, that we adore soo much, wasn't a pleasant one. My experience meeting Leisha was both pleasurable and exciting; although she did appear shy. But that doesn't make me love her any less. In fact, I think she's more comfortable with her music than she is with acting...thus making her equally as comfortable with the ppl who adore her music....the fans...imo. Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig are only human. I can only imagine how many fans throw themselves at them daily, which can take a toll on any celebrity. As a result, they may seem antisocial and standoffish because of it. Read the excerpt below written by Ali Marie on her experience at Dinah this yr....give me your opinion.Ok so I know they're famous in the lesbian world, but what I don't know is why they didn't recognize their fans at The Dinah?? I heard they were the same last year. I mean why even show up. My g/f and I were in the hotel lobby when we heard Dinah security say that Leisha and Camila were outside getting ready to come check in, so what did we do? We did what any other fan would do and went outside to get a picture or two. No one was out there just a few passing by and of coarse security. And /btw, they looked great so then why when we asked for a quick pic they turned us down?? IDK. Then later on at The dinah Leisha and Kate had a scheduled stage performance. Yay I thought.. no they came on stage said "Hey! Everyone having fun? Don't forget your sunblock!" blink-blink, what wher'd they go?? Just like that they were gone! I am not exaggerating! Was that it? That was the stage appearance? C'mon get rowdy with girls kick back have a drink. You are human right? I mean have some fun. The Dinah Shore experience was a real treat minus the 2 disappointments! So there's my thoughts on that!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Uh Huh Her Seattle Show CXLD


Friday, July 25, 2008


Oh boy!!!! Greenblatt has revealed some disturbing news about S6. There is going to be a mystery element at the end of the final season...Mystery element? What does that mean? What does that mean for Alice and the rest of the cast members? Here's what he said...

"He explained: "I don't mean to be keeping coy, but we're trying to keep it very close to the vest. And you know, unfortunately everybody tries to get these scripts and they go online, and all the surprises are blown to the viewers. So we're just being very tight-lipped about it. In fact, there's things we're not even telling the actors."

If he's not telling the actors, then we don't know what da hell is gonna happen with our beloved characters...especially my favorites...Tasha & Alice. I DON'T LIKE THIS ONE BIT!!!!

What do you guys make of this? Cuz I know I'm gonna be pissed come January..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Estelle Getty *****1923 - 2008*****RIP

The Golden Girls has and always will hold a special place in my heart. I was saddened to hear the gutsy and canterkerous Estelle Getty, (aka-Sophia Patrillo), passed away on Tuesday at the age of 84 after battling a long illness. I grew up with these four vivacious golden women, but I never knew how much of an influence Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia played in my life. To this day, I never go to bed without getting my Sophia fix. I own all eight Golden Girls dvd's and had the pleasure of meeting Rue Maclanahan twice at the airport. Words can't express the jubilation I felt upon meeting one of my favorite characters. I just don't think I would have been as excited had I met Madonna or Angelina Jolie. But Estelle was the nucleus of the foursome and was unequivocally the wisest one in the group. She brought such an amusing and bouyant spirit into our homes...and we love her for it....She will be missed.

Do any of you watch The Golden Girls? What are your favorite moments from that show.

FreeCity Apparel

It's no secret that Leisha advertises her gf's clothing line, and is damn proud of it. I must say the clothes are authentically handcrafted and designed with TLC. I visited the FreeCity Supershop in Malibu a few months ago, and I was impressed. It's a small venue with an ecletic array of merchandise not traditional to your mainstream retail stores. I purchased a pair of sweatpants from FreeCity for a price 3x the amount I would normally pay for any pair of pants. But I love them--the material is soft, light and artistically made. Do any of you guys own a FreeCity garment?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Symmetry To Leisha

It's hard not to imagine that Leisha doesn't have a wild side to her. I don't know which I would prefer. What I love about Leish is that she is not a one sided kind of girl, she's multi-dimensional and multi-talented. Though we would probably never get to know her on a personal level, I think that most of us who love her can gather a pretty good idea of the type of persona she exudes. Oh what I wouldn't give to have her as a best friend, a confidant, a soul mate, a muse, a sister a lover, and ultimately-a wife. She's a big 37 yr old me. She enjoys her career and reaps the benefits of it...lets not forget the perks that are involved. But she finds time to enjoy friends, have fun and be who she is...Leisha. Not many celebs nowadays possess that shy, humble, reserved, ingenious and often times quiet inate qualities that LH exhibits. But let's not forget that she's a fighter, (not confrontational), but she fights for what she believes in...she may also kick your ass if she has to..[as we've seen in the wrestling video with her and Kate Moennig--or the bar fight, which she won]. So which side of LH would I prefer?...theres only ONE answer...I choose the quality that creates the whole person...LEISHA.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

****A Rear Moment****

I love the acoustic set they did here at FearLessMusic TV in NYC. Usually Cam is singing lead on many of the songs, but for a split second we get to hear Leisha in solo mode. She really has a sweet voice...very soothing in a way.


For those of you who missed these pics, I'll share them with you again. Kaye and I had a blast meeting the rest of the members of UHH. Jacques (guitarist),was really sweet and funny. He said he loved traveling with a bunch of lesbians....lolol. Can you blame him?

Josh was equally as nice...This guy is KICK-ASS ON THE DRUMS!!! While he was hugging me, I was trying to con him into giving me that killer chain he was sporting.

Last but not least...Here's Leisha's feet....awwwwwwww. :-) No I don't have a foot fetish, but Leisha has a pair of the sexiest legs and feet I've seen in a long time...lolol. I wish you guys could have been there, Kaye and I went crazy with excitement. I love the shoes btw. ;-)

If you've attended one of UHH's concert and you have pictures, please share them with us; we'd love to post them on the blog...One Love ;-)

Monday, July 21, 2008


Ok I've been reading about the impending LW spinoff that IC is collaborating closely with Showtime CEO Bob Greenblatt, and the lone LW hopeful that will star in the series. I have heard many names mentioned as to who it will be, but one name that keeps coming up is Leisha. It's no secret that Greenblatt thinks highly of Leisha--she's an integral part of the show; largely due in part to her impeccable comedic timing and witty disposition. I just don't believe she is the one. Her music career is taking off***she is the spokesperson for Olivia Cruises, amongst other projects she may have in the works. Now if Greenblatt offers her a substantial amount of money, then I'm all for her doing the spinoff; but if not--I just can't see her juggling her music in conjunction with her acting career. One is just as demanding as the other. You gotta be a superwoman.........
What are your thoughts?

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm not sure if we posted this webisode-cuz I've never scene it. Anyway, Leisha is too cute in this one...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

******BACK IN THE DAY******


Do you guys remember The Murmurs/Gush? I have to admit, I never was a punk-rocker nor was I into rock bands back in the day. But I regret not opening my mind enough to take a listen a lot of bands back then; bands that I would normally listen to today. But there is something about a girl with a guitar that is soooo attractive. Heather and Leisha had a connection like no other. The chemistry they had was so lucid and energetic, that I only wish I could have experienced it along with everyone else at that time. But who knew...
I believe Leisha is first a musician--then an actress.
You have to admire her as a person, as a musician, a gay woman making it in this male dominated red-tape of an industry. She posseses a drive that is infinite and compelling--is there any doubt why I am in awe of this woman? She's not just Alice Piezsekie (i could never spell that name right), she's not just Leisha Hailey star of the hit Showtime series TLW---She's someone who represents an inner me...Driven-Determined-Passionate About Her Art-Multifarious-Witty-Intelligent...I can go on and on.

Enlighten me--were any of you a Murmurs or Gush fan? Have any of you been to one of their concerts, or own every one of their albums? Believe me, I will eventually play catch up and purchase every single cd they have made...but for now--I'll just live vicariously through you guys...skool a sista on their music.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


It seems like all fingers are pointed to the hottest couple on TLW since Bette & Tina. Do they have what it takes to keep their love alive? Do they have 'staying power'? By mid March & early April, the Showtime message boards were in an upheaval with the whole Tasha & Alice storyline. Talice is my favorite duo-they portray the most realistic idea of what two ppl in a committed relationship can go through. I love seeing the seriousness in Leisha, yet and still she maintains her classic humorous demeanor...We have many doubters who want to see them fail...I for one see them succeeding and making it through they're ups & downs. What do you guys think will happen in S6 with this couple? Will they make it and stay together? I want to hear from you....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shopping with Kate Moennig

I really like Kate, especially when she's out of character. It's easy to see why she and Leisha are such great friends-Kate is the type of person you can just hang with and have a girls day/night out. Katherine from Spin Daily is totally flirting with her--it's tooo cute and obvious...I love it.

UHH Album Release

More info on UHH on ChartAttack...It states that you can view the video on their myspace page, but I don't think it's up yet. Once we get the video, it will be posted. I have received an advanced copy of the cd from Leishas camp and I must say--IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!! It's mos def a must have in your cd collection. I'll have more info on the band soon...stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Favorite Season of L Word pt. 2

Since it was a Tie, we have to post both. Again, I couldn't think of two better seasons to be tied for as best season of the L Word. Next up, Season 5.


Jenny Schector!--Surprisingly Mia Kirshner made the most hated character on the show, to be the most loved. Her lines in S5 alone had me in stitches. "Change Your F*cking tie" "Remove the Snot from your nose" "Dumb Sh*t actor boy" I could go on and on...

Group scenes--We had been lacking many fun scenes and S5 brought back the dynamic of the earlier seasons. Pot brownie party, Mafia table, pink ride, Lez Girl wrap party....

Great Acting-- Mia Kirshner, Rose Rollins, Jennifer Beals, Leshia Hailey, and Marlee Matilin all did a phenominal job in S5. I must say that some outshined more than others at times.

Pink Ride--A whole episode devoted to the beloved Dana Fairbanks....FANTASTIC! The laughter, tears, and that darn Alice Pieszecki!

Jenny vs. Tina--Ok, honestly I don't care much for Tina, but when she had scenes with Jenny, I was in stitches. Perfect Pairing!

Tasha--Rose Rollins, I loved you in S4, but S5 made me love you even more. The acting, your beauty, and your love and devotion to my girl, Alice. Couldn't be better. I mean, you gave up your job for love!

Bette and Tina--Yes, Finally BACK TOGETHER! Long overdue! Your seperation at the beginning was needed, but year after year after was bout time you got back together.

Hook Ups:

Shane and Molly--Cute, awkward, unexperienced....I guess that's why many fell in love with these two. It was Dana and Alice revisted, where one was straight and the other is a 'ho' bad Shane, your not a 'ho' (I ain't no ho bitch-Shane)

Jenny and Nikki--Personally, I could give a rat's ass about this couple, but I must admit, Nikki did bring out a "good" side of our girl. Nikki is just a ho and immature, she cheated on Jenny many times and to top it off, she went at Shane, Jenny's "best friend". Nikki's got to go.

Low Lights:

Alice--I hate to say it, but Alice was a bitch this season, and I'm not talking S2 Helena Peabody bitch, but just a bitch in general. I couldn't believe what the writers did to my Alice, first the stuff with Max, then almost cheating on Tasha, and just putting her foot in her mouth. Hopefully S6 will do our girl some justice. Ilene, what are you doing!?

Too many characters--Dawn Denbo, Lover Cindy, Adele, Nikki....list can go on and on. If you can't carry a full story on your own, then get off the screen.

Jodi and Bette--Didn't bother me in S4, but S5...very very AWKWARD! I did feel bad for Jodi though, cheating is never a good thing, no matter who you cheat with.

Where the F*ck is Helena!?--You kept Max, Nikki, Adele and ect... but got rid of Helena for the majority of the season? WTF?!

You're still here?--Someone, please explain to me.....

Overall, on a scale of 1-10, I give S5 a 9. I loved it all in all. Some stuff I could have did without, but I realy enjoyed this season.

S5 Highlights, Lowlights, thoughts, comments? Let's Talk!

Favorite Season of L Word?

It's a TIE!! It doesn't bother me too much, because they are the BEST two seasons of the L Word. First up, Season 2!


Alice's new pixie hair cut--super cute!

Bette and Tina broken up--argue with me all you want, but it was best they weren't together because more drama was caused that way.

New additions to the cast--Rachel Shelley (HOTT!) and Sarah Shahi (Smokin!)
Funny Episodes--Does episode 2x10 ring a bell? Best L Word episode of that season! (Land Ahoy)

Birth of Olivia--Ok, Tina hid her pregnancy from Bette, who must have been blind to not miss that tummy, but in the end, they became mommies to one very beautiful child.

Dana was still alive!--That sums it up.
Alice and Dana-This couple will go down in L Word history as being the cutest couple ever on the show! Shane and Carmen-This was the hot couple of season two...took them forever to hook up, but once they did, it was ON!
Low Lights:

Dana leaving Alice--I was so happy when they hooked up, but then Dana had to question her relationship with Alice. We didn't get to find out until S3, that they had broken up. Even though Dana left her for someone we all love, I was still pissed.

Crazy Jenny--What the hell happened to Jenny? Ilene really f*cked her up Season 2, making her the most hated character of the series. Poor Mia...I still love you!

Tonya--At times, she was ok, but most she was just annoying!
Bette and Kit's father passes away--Hit close to home with me because I lost my grandfather around the same time. Made it worse when the actor who played thier father (Ossie Davis) passed away a little bit before the episode aired.

Girl's in tight dresses who drag with mustaches....---WTF!!!?? THAT FREAKIN THEME SONG! UGH!

Overall...on a scale of 1-10 I give S2 a 8.5. I believe that this season topped S1. First airing Feb. 20, 2005...made me love this show even more, if that was possible.

Highlights? Lowlights? Thoughts...Comments, Let's speak on all that is S2