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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The last time I checked we weren't doing so well with the fight to eliminate Prop 8. I think they were still counting. Let's have a discussion because there are still some things I don't understand. We all know that hundreds of couples married since The Supreme Court overturned the ban on same-sex marriages. My question is-what happens now if prop 8 passes? I know marriages between same sex couples will be in vain--but what about all the couples that have jumped the broom? Will the marriage of people like Ellen Degeneres, who has married the love of her life in a lavish wedding held at her home in LA, be null n void? Surely they will let these couples stayed married to their spouses. What do you guy think?


Anne Riddle said...

I say no to it ebcause it doesn´t eveng et the facts right this proposition 8. And I am german and live ing ermany afetr all.

But you know if your country goes through with this my country will soon follow.

Guess I still have to emigrate to the moon then.

Kirby said...

I dont think this will ever be elimitnated. There will be some way that someone will bring it back if it is. There are WAYY to many people who are homophobic.
I hope a lot of people said no then yes.

What if you get a sex change? Would you still be considered a gay couple? You can change your name on your birth certificate and everything!

'Ey i say we all just change genders. But then again i dont want a penis sooo...lets not.

god i hope it doesnt pass 8-C
I for one dont want to get married, but then again i have not found someone right.

Hey Speedy how about you and I go to the white house and burn that piece of paper that bans gays to get married. Ill bring the matches ;-)

nat said...

crazy shit

we have civil-partnerships in the UK as opposed to marriages. surely if we allow it then you guys in the USA can follow suit?! just seems such a shame that it has to be an issue, each to their own, live and let live!!!

speedy12 said...

Anne I'm going to the moon with

Kirb--when do you want to commit this crime...lolol I'll put you in charge.. :)

Anne Riddle said...

Yeah we will open the first UH HUH HER and Leisha Hailey Fan Club on the moon.

Uhnm Speedy? Why wasn´t nat´s comment deleted? I think it does sound a lot harsh.

O_o besides is the day of the strange word verfications mine is now sallif

Chi-City said...

I voted NO on prop 8 and it is so unfortunate that many others did not. I'm so disappointed that discrimination and hate was disguised as a bill and passed into the constitution. This is sad.

nat said...

anne I'm not being harsh, i'm totally for gay marriage and if i were from the US i'd vote against prop 8. and its crazy that still so many people are homophobic, so sad. I apologise for not explaining my point more clearly.

green said...

I can't believe it's going to get passed :(
I did some Googling and I don't think they've officially decided what will happen to marriages that happened before prop 8. Everyone's writing different things so it's all very confusing :-S I guess we'll have to wait a bit until we know for sure.

Kirby - I'm going to be an annoying know-it-all and say, in the case of an FtM it's only a 'gay marriage' if that person is not legally recognised as a male. So if they have a GRC (Gender Recognition Certificate) then it would be considered a 'straight marriage'. But it might be different for other countries, but that's all I know for the UK.

speedy12 said...

Leave it alone Anne---Be nice.

speedy12 said...

Chi-whats the atmosphere like out there in California now that Prop 8 has been passed?

Chi-City said...

Well I really can't tell. I'm at work now and no one is really discussing it but the mood seems to be somber pertaining to the prop passing. It's bitter sweet u know b/c we were all so excited about Obama and then to have that prop pass is like going from fist bumpin' to a slap in the face.

Chi-City said...

This was posted on another website:

Attention LA: Rally Against Prop 8 Tonight!

Please, come to be seen and counted for all the news crews and our community to see that we shall not be overlooked.

As deeply disappointed as we all are that California voters passed Proposition 8, we must not allow that disappointment to linger. This vote is a temporary defeat in the long march toward equal rights for all citizens in America.

Please join us for a protest rally tonight at 7 p.m. on San Vicente Blvd. between West Hollywood Park and the Pacific Design Center (647 N. San Vicente Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069) as we move forward toward restoring equality for all in California.

Kirby said...

Yea Tegan and Sara posted that protest thing in a bulletin. I would sooo fly over there to protest but i have no money.

Green- i think it is the same here. Not 100% though.

Speedy- Oh i dont think thats a smart idea to p ut me in charge!! lol but okie dokie!

Heather said...

This is so fucking depressing...Its been on my mind all day and I'm very frustrated at the 52 percent of California voters that voted for this extremely discriminatory proposition that put us a step behind on the fight directly after we went a step forward with Obama being elected. I wish I could be at the rally but sadly live in the Midwest...which it will take even longer for states in my area to allow gay marriage when a state as progressive as California just revoked it...sad, sad day. I'm just hoping that Obama repeals Don't Ask Don't Tell, which will be a step in the right direction. I'm still incredibly frustrated with this proposition passing...I am completely shocked.

Kirby said...


speedy12 said...

I would be out there right now rallying if I had the day off...I'm really disappointed that the religious groups and conservatives prevailed. Very disappointing. >:(

speedy12 said...

Lord. :/

~nitabe~ said...

Speedy, thanx for posting this blog. I was actually in California on Tuesday, I made a special trip just so that I could go and protest. I flew up that morning, and back that night. A lot of people were really glad that I came, I spoke to a lot of people before they went into their polling locations. I thought we had reached the majority.
I'm deeply saddened by the outcome. I'm sorry that I didn't respond to your blog b4, but I wasn't quite ready to talk about it. It's hard because when I was out there, I met a lot of people who had gotten married, started families, etc. These people don't deserve this. It isn't fair. And now I'm crying again so I can't go on. But we will continue to fight this, it's far from over. Ultimately fairness and equality shall prevail!

speedy12 said...

WoW Nitabe--I'm soo proud of you. You went up there on a mission to fight this injustice. I'm glad someone from the blog got a chance to attend the protest and come back to tell us about it. Gosh I have many questions to ask you.

It was originally stated that those who already had gotten married,(ie-Ellen & Portia), will not be affected--is that true or will their marriages be null & void? What were the comments of some of the people you spoke with? Provide us with as much info as possible so we can get a better understanding of the mood out there now that prop 8 has passed.
I'm sooo upset right now.

Chi--did you go?

LeeLin said...

Wow this is so sad..I feel really bad for all of you affected by this...I'm a huge supporter of the LGBT community and I don't hide that at all. I feel like you guys should have the same rights as us. It just saddens me because I see so many gay couples that have been together for so long and they aren't able to marry but then I see a heterosexual couple who can just meet one day and if they decide to get married they can. So many of us take advantage of our right to marry and it's not fair to the gay community at all. I wish that I can go to California right now and rally for you guys. I really do:(

Vikki said...

Hey your e-mail somewhere on the blog? I was going to send you a couple of pics from the Minneapolis UHH concert last night and a little report. The concert was awesome though I didn't get to meet Cam and Leisha. If you want a pic or two, send me an e-mail at vikki at uppoppedafox dot com

Kirby said...

Hey check this out. On of my friends who live in Cali. posted this on myspace

Please watch the local news right now at 11pm and see the support for the NO ON 8 CAMPAIGN.

The fight contnues tomorrow at the MORMAN TEMPLE in West LA at 2 PM --- Please come and show your support!

And please repost this; I AM!


After​ Your Done Readi​ng This Bulle​tin Pleas​e Repos​t it by click​ing reply​ and copyi​ng the html and post it to a new bulle​tin Thank​s!​

http:​/​/​www.​ petit​ionon​line. com/​seg51​30/​petit​ion.

​ html

"be sure to copy and paste​ the link as well as get rid of the space​s"​

About​ an hour ago, I perso​nally​ conta​cted the Calif​ornia​ Secre​tary of State​.​​​ The woman​ I spoke​ with confi​rmed that PROPO​SITIO​N 8 HAS NOT BEEN CALLE​D.​​ She state​d that they are still​ count​ing ballo​ts.​​​.​​​.

and they will not know the resul​ts until​ DECEM​BER 13th!​​​
All media​ has annou​nced a victo​ry for Yes on 8! THIS IS WRONG​.

​​Keep the press​ure on the Secre​tary of State​ to count​ all the provi​siona​l and absen​tee ballo​ts (​​​rumor​ed to be up to 3 or 4 milli​on!​​​)​​​ !

Rough​ly 400,​​​000 votes​ separ​ate yes from no on Prop 8 – out of 10 milli​on votes​ talli​ed.

​Based​ on turno​ut estim​ates repor​ted yeste​rday,​​​ we expec​t that there​ are more than 3 milli​on and possi​bly as many as 4 milli​on absen​tee and provi​siona​l ballo​ts yet to be count​ed.

Tell them that you want ALL the propo​sitio​n 8 votes​ count​ed!​​​

Call today​!​​​

CA secre​tary of state​:​​​

(​​​916)​​​ 657-​​​2166 or you can lodge​ a recor​ded compl​aint by calli​ng 1-​​​800-​​​345-​​​VOTE

Chi-City said...

Unfortunately no speedy I wasn't able to participate in the rally due to work. I watched it all night on the news and this morning. It's a movement going on and u can feel it in the air...ppl are not going to back down w/o a fight. I say fight b/c this sh*t ain't right!

Discrimination is unacceptable in my eyes therefore I support all those in favor of NO on 8.

Chi-City said...

YO! What the hell is up with this chick top!

Chi-City said...

lol (kicks door close) "Bye"!

speedy12 said...

Hey guys in order to cut down on Anne Riddles negative comments on this blog--I had to take some unwanted measures. I do want all of you to continue to post your comments, but I have to review comments before I post them on the blog. I hate to do this, but miss Anne Riddle has force me to extra measures to protect this blog and you. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience..and I hope to lift this little infraction soon. :)

Chi-City said...

It's gravy speedy...she was on one and I like how u handled the situation.

LeeLin said...

Do what you gotta do sorry other peoples negative comments caused you to do that though.

speedy12 said...

Now I see why Leisha doesn't read blogs or discussions boards. It makes perfect sense.

nat said...

hey guys just logged on and I want to pass on my regards to all you guys who have been affected by the whole prop 8 thing, its so damn sad :(

by the way, i missed anne's comments today but hope its not something caused by my previous comments on this post. am a lover not a hater :)

Chi-City said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
speedy12 said...

We're all affected by this--We're supposed to have equal right according to the constitution? It's just not right.

Nat you had nothing to do with her behavior--you're not to blame at all.

~nitabe~ said...

Sorry Speedy, just getting started on my daily internet rounds! ;)
As far as your question concerning the legality of those already married, we are currently thinking that it will stay legal. U r absolutely correct, to begin they said they would nul them. The decision is not yet final, but we are thinking the outcome will be positive.

The people that I spoke with opposing Prop 8 were amazing! They thanked me graciously for being there, I even got an interview by The Advocate when word got out that I'd come from clear across the country. I insisted that it really wasn't necessary to go that far, but you know how these things go.

I talked to several people that were for Prop 8, and definitely let us know that. As we handed them our flyers, they would say, "No I'm not taking that. I'm voting yes." There was one younger that I spoke with and found her incredibly interesting. Her initial reponse to my approach was "Why? Why should I vote no on prop 8?" And I explained to her that it's unfair, it's unconstitutional, and several politions (Schwarzenegger, Obama included) were also against the ban. She said, "Look, I've been there, done that..." And I said, "Wait. I think that you are relating this proposition with sex. It actually has NOTHING to do with sex. This is about love, about being an American, about doing what's right." She explained to me that she did not want her son to marry a man, and I asked her if this was about her own selfish happiness or her son's? She stated that she could somewhat see where I was coming from, and LEFT THE POLL to think about it! I was in shock, my jaw was still on the floor as she was walking away.

I went to a Results Party afterwards on Hollywood Blvd at Music Box (met Tila Tequila), and was in utter disbelief by the outpouring of support. Unfortunately I had to leave early to catch my 1am flight, but when I left we still hadn't heard any results. I actually didn't get any results until I got all the way back home to Augusta. Needless to say, I was heartbroken.

I encourage everyone to sign the petition that kirby posted. We're gonna fight this until we win it!!

speedy12 said...

This is amazing--through your story I feel as though I was right there with you. Thank you for keeping us informed of this disappointing set-back. I'm soo happy you were there as a roving reporter and protester. And you're right--this is far from over.

Heather said...

It wouldnt let me post when I tried yesterday on this topic, hopefully it will today...thanks for your story nitabe...its a great cause that i know everyone on this board is fighting for, even if we couldn't all go there to california and help directly with the fight as you were able to. I hope that this situation turns around soon...its quite horrible :(