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Saturday, November 1, 2008


OK-I know most of you have seen this video. I peeped it a few months back on YouTube, so I don't really see how it's a premiere. But anyway, I like the animation and the concept....I dunno-it seems really 'eh' to me. It just doesn't grab me for some reason...maybe because I'd rather see the Leisha and Cam as themselves in the video. There was also some talk about the whole "hetero" theme to it. I dunno--what do you guys think of the vid? :)


Kirby said...

The video is alright. Id much rather see the girls in it (who wouldn't). I wonder who came up with the concept?

speedy12 said...

Don't know who came up with the concept Kirb--but you're right..I'd much rather see the girls than an animation...btw, nice avatar kirb... :) I see Cam is your personal favorite. You may have to fight Clea for the prize...lolol

IheartUHH said...

Hi Speedy,
it's the first time I comment in your blog, but I read it everyday :)
I can't even remember how did I find it, but I've been hooked by your devotion to Leisha and UHH.
So congratulations from an italian blog reader.

I like "Explode" video but I'd rather prefered to see a version with Leisha and Cam.
I read an interview the other day where they explain the idea of the video.
That's what was written:
"Believe it or not, Camila and Leisha found the animator for this video through MySpace. A few months back, they received an e-mail from a fan who said that she wanted to do some animation for them. Interested, they checked out her stuff, asked her to submit a treatment and ultimately hired her to create the clip."

P.S: sorry for my bad english.

speedy12 said...

ihearuhh--your English is perfect. :) Welcome to the blog--I'm sooo happy you posted. Become a follower by clicking the followers link at the beginning of the blog on the left. I usually try to post once a day to keep you guys updated on everything...;) The video is just another classic example on how the girls DO get involved with their fans. One thing I noticed is that they love creativity and an eye for imagination.

IheartUHH said...

I'm sooo happy that you're happy :)

If you're interested, this is the link of the article/interview:
Leisha also revealed a tiny little spoiler about the spin-off. ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anne Riddle said...

Bleh I don´t know if I should liek teh video or not. Besides...what happened to the video they shot? Or was that for a different song?

Welcome iheartuhh onto the madness of commenting ^^

Kirby said...

Thanks Speedy! I like both girls, but Cammy is fantastic <3

Haha I am scared to fight Clea. I am sure Clea could kick my ass any day! Unless you give me steroids and a week at the gym.

~nitabe~ said...

I must say, the video is a little too hetero for my tastes, especially seeing as though they are on front street with the LGBTs, well mainly the Ls. I would've expected them to have done something LGBT-friendly. But it's a cute concept and I find it really awesome that they used a fan to create this vid!
Side note: Speedy, chk ur mail!! :))

nat said...

not sure about the vid either, its ok it but don't think it really suits the song. Explode is possibly my fav after common reaction, although I don't know why I'm saying this as I change my mind every 2 minutes lol

For some reason I was under the impression that Wait Another Day would be the next release but obviusly not. Maybe they did shoot a vid for it though and its in the pipeline for relase after Explode?
Who knows!!

IheartUHH said...

CayennePepper33 and Anne Riddle, thank you for you're welcome to me.
It's so great to be in a place where i can write e read about Leisha and UHH.

Yeah, the video is little too hetero, but who knows, maybe the person behind the window is a girl? Ehehe.

~nitabe~ said...

ya know i thought of that! maybe there will be a continuation in the next vid...