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Saturday, November 15, 2008


I saw one of the best concerts last night. The girls absolutely killed it. They came onto the stage and off top just started rockin’ out with “I had enough” followed by “So Long” which I really like b/c of the guitar. They seemed really excited and happy to be in LA and the crowd reacted the same. Lots of high energy, screaming, singing along to the songs, dancing (at least in a few sections;) The venue was huge and the entire stage floor section was flooded with fans. Everyone taking pics and recording video while screaming I love you’s to the girls. It was crazy to be in the middle of all the madness and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I later decided to hit up the balcony to shoot some footage. I’m sorry to say I was having some difficulty with the camera and the pics came out blurred except for one, which was taken during the signing. However I do have footage of “Dreamer” and “Not A Love Song” and I have to say Cam killed the guitar during this and I caught it. I’ll submit footage once I figure out what’s going on with my mac.

During the show over in a roped off VIP section there were a few um special guest J who were getting a lot of attention from the crowd in the back. Yes Kate, Clea and Nina were all in attendance. Kate wearing her signature fedora was damn near mobbed on the way down from VIP by fans snapping away at their cameras, trying to get close enough to get in the pic with her LOL. She had no security so people were acting a little overzealous and she eventually had to roll out (after the concert) or maybe hide out somewhere else in the club. Nina had on this cute Sherlock Holmes looking’ hat and once the concert was over was in and out of there. I later saw Clea at the signing table. It looked as if she came upstairs to see how much longer the girls would be. The line to get merch signed was long and it took probably a little less then an hour to complete.

Once the concert ended and the encore was no more we headed down to the merch table to grab some t-shirts. I ended up getting two b/c the guy that I brought with me purchased one so that he could go to the signing table with me. I believe it was Cam who said in an interview, they were thinking of calling it “bring your brother tour” you know to expand the demo. So I didn’t bring “my” brother but I did bring “a” brotha…lol it was funny. I think he was one of two that were there for the concert and were not there working security lol. While we waited in line I had some extra uhh posters I got from nettwerk and decided to hand some out to others waiting. People were saying “I want one” left and right I felt like I was giving away turkeys for Thanksgiving it was a great feeling. So great in fact I gave them all away and forgot to keep one for myself to get signed! Ha! But its cool I have one at home and I don’t think I need anymore signed items, unless I start an eBay account. We were 2nd to last in line until the lady ahead (who complimented me on my fresh kicks I purchased just b4 the show) decided she wanted to be last and stepped aside so us and another girl could go ahead. It didn’t faze me I was just happy to finally be up next. There was a guy who stood at the table and took your merch from you and laid it out on the table but it was sort of invasive b/c he kind of blocked you from the girls and it was awkward so I made my way closer to the table and was like “Hey”! They both said Hi and LH had a big smile on her face. I told them, “The show was excellent, you really rocked it tonight” or something corny like that. I forgot most of my whole spiel. I did mention how I accidentally gave all my posters away w/o keeping one for myself. Both of them were looking and listening attentively. Cam I didn’t hear say anything while I was at the table but Leisha seemed sympathetic almost she said, “You didn’t get a poster?” It was loud so I don’t know if they completely understood what the hell I was saying. Leisha looked around as if to see if there were any but I was cool. I got my t’s signed and was able to say what’s up to the girls and have a photo taken by my friend while I talked to them. All in all it was an awesome show the best I’ve seen yet!


speedy12 said...

Chi if you need to send me some photos or video, email me: I can't wait to hear your review.

LeeLin said...

Chi...where are you girl?!?! Give up the

Chi-City said...

I got u!
Check your email speedy.

shannon said...

can't wait to hear about it!

speedy12 said...

I'm soo happy you enjoyed yourself Chi--what kind of clothes was Nina and Clea wearing? Did they look cute in their attire? I knew Kate was gonna draw a crowd, she always does. Nina probably slipped out to wait for Leisha after the signing. I would have been outside interviewing her...lolol. Any sign of Rose Rollins? I can't wait for the video footage.. :)

LeeLin said...

Awesome Chi!!! I'm glad you had a good time, It's good to know that Kate, Nina and Clea were there..How cool is that!!!

Chi-City said...

If I'm remembering correctly both were very casual. C in jeans and a white top, with shoulder length blonde hair. N was in casual pants, short sleeve top and the sherlock holmes hat :) No sign of Rose! I was hoping she would be there too.

Heather said...

Sounds like an awesome concert! Thanks for the great review!