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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Erin Daniels new interview

With a great shout out to Leisha as being the best kisser. Hello! Have you guys seen the way she kisses?! Leisha has amazing lips and doesn't hold back! Hell she has people like Erin who hasn't kissed her in years, still talk about those lips! Nina is one lucky lady, hell anyone who has ever kissed Leisha!!

The rest of the interview is too cute! Alot of it is in french, so if some translators could please come by fo' a sista?! Thanks :) --->how I miss Erin Daniels!
(Thanks Marierza!)


marierza said...

she said when they said she should fake an orgasm : NO ! it will end up in the internet, I´m not so naive.

there is another interview from her
( the translation is in the infos about the video ).
here :

so cute...

nat said...

well them lips are sexy as hell and it would be many a daydream come true to kiss them lol.. there's something about her philtrum too - obscure I know but mmm mmm mmm! :P

Vikki said...

There is a new video up on youtube from UHH's performance on NewNowNext or whatever it's called. It's an acoustic version of common reaction:

nat said...

xcrash added a coupla interviews too - here's one.. it made me giggle!

kwuting said...

I enjoyed the interview. Erin is soooo cuuute ^.^; I miss Dana :D

Lucky Nina to kiss Leisha's sexy lips.

Vikki, Nat - saw those vids too. Made me giggle too!!!

Kaye87 said...

thanks guys, i will post all new vids later 2day, im on my phone and in class! :) haha.