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Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is a pretty thorough interview of the girls done by Kelly Wiles...UHH1
Also, Campus Circle focuses on Camila Grey and all her favorites hotspots in WEHO...Cam
Cute little clip of Ilene and cast members in a promo including some "L"
contests winners.


speedy12 said...


LeeLin said...

Lol..Yes she is Speedy...she is really beautiful:)

Kaye87 said...

lol calm me a dork, but I loved Jennifer Beals in the background looking freaked out, or like disturbed that they broke onto set. Also when they said "Busted" the two contest winners faces were priceless!! haha I laugh at just about anything. That was cute

divxdr said...

Speedy have you seen this??

OMG. I'm freaking out! lol

speedy12 said...

Yeah I saw that divxdr--I don't know where IC is going with this...IT'S INSANE!!! It's as if one of the main characters will be killed off...and one of our beloved TLW ladies will take the blame for it. Jesus!! I would love to hack IC's computer.

LeeLin said...

Amen Speedy..I would most definitely be your lookout when you hack into I wonder what goes on inside that head of hers.

Chi-City said...

"Burn After Reading" ----don't know if u have seen that movie, but u better be careful when trying to hack into other ppl computers. U might end up being another mysterious murder victim in season 6.

...just sayin' ;)