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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well it looks like Leisha will set the stages for her spinoff in ole London, England. Right after the tour Leisha will be flying to Europe to film the pilot. The spinoff title hasn't been released nor has it been authenticated yet. Click the LEISHA link to read yet another Leisha interview and what she has to say about the spinoff.....LEISHA


x_nat_ x said...

I haven't read any of the spoilers and am not gona but this has got me guessing about Alice's possible career moves!

Where'd you get that pic speedy? I love it, beautiful as ever!

LeeLin said...

Loved the interview...and I haven't nor will I read any spoilers either Nat..

speedy12 said...

X-I just happen to be searching for new Leisha photos and came across this nice black n white pic. There's so many pictures of Leisha that I love, but this by far is one of my favorites... :)

I too will avoid being spoiled until January, although the temptations are enticing...:)

J School said...

Europe you say? Thats very interesting and awesome sounding. Hopefully that means more people with British accents, because they're hot. :0)

I agree, awesome pic!