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Monday, October 6, 2008


Attention all Uh Huh Her fans. We are calling on you to submit video footage to help us make Uh Huh Her Webisode 8. We are looking for video footage from the UHH Tagging contest, previous contest footage, street team footage, live footage, or anything else pertaining to Uh Huh Her. Footage can be sent to By sending us footage you have agreed to give us the rights to broadcast the footage in anyway we choose. Since we will need the raw video file, you may either attach or host the footage. Webisode 8 will premier on imeem so it's your chance to shine as a director! You can watch all past webisodes here.

Please send in all footage by Friday, October 10th 2008.

Here's yet another nice interview done with the girls by writer Natalie here.


speedy12 said...

Umm--help me out here guys...what exactly are they trying to do? Do they want us to gather any footage from an UHH concert, webisodes or street team contests and make a webisode? I'm not quite understanding right now...maybe because I'm sleepy and don't have time to focus..lolol

green said...

I think they've worded it a little weirdly. Originally, I thought that they just wanted people to send any video clips that people have made from previous contests or whatever, and they would edit it all together to make the webisode. But the 'it's your chance to shine as a director' is a little misleading. It's not like we're making the webisode least I don't think it's supposed to be like that :-S

speedy12 said...

Yeah Green--I think the wording is what's throwing me off...Like you said--I think they want us to gather the video info, edit it and send it in. I'll try to email them to get some is a bit misleading.