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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Inconspicuously Conspicuous

If you are attending the concert---make sure you get there early. When Kaye and I went to the ATL gig in May, we showed up about 5hrs before they started. We spotted Leisha as we turned the corner. As a matter of fact the picture shown here is exactly how we encountered Leisha that fateful day...lolol. She was wearing a similar hat and had the those big ass glasses on. I knew it was her instantly. She, Cam, Jacques and Josh were all walking the streets like they lived there...lolol. I LOVED IT!!!!

So if you're planning on seeing the girls up close and personal, you might wanna get there a little before showtime. I'm getting there at 4pm for an 8pm show.

Can you guys read the fake tattoo on Leisha's left upper chest?


Anne Riddle said... how many concerts have you been?

By the way speedy....why aren´t you replying to my emails? Did I scare you away? O_o I hope not

speedy12 said...

I've been to two of their concerts Anne---I'm playing catch up on my emails- I have about 200 to read. I'll try to do better...lolol

Anne Riddle said...

whoa add me to yahoo messenger then

~nitabe~ said...

Thx for the heads up about the shows! The show in NY starts at 9p, so I'll prob still stick with about 4-5 tho. Afterall, it is New York-- 'nuff said! LoL!! I can't wait to see my girls again.

hmorsey2004 said...

Is that UHH tat on Leisha in the pic real or fake? Its still almost a month til my UHH concert but Im seeing Tegan and Sara this thursday!


speedy12 said...

Yeah--it looks like a fake tat of the words "Uh Huh Her" on Leishas chest. Hmorsey--we need pics and feedback from the Tegan & Sara concert. :)

shannon said...

i'm taking the day off work so i can make the drive early; i live 3 hours from dallas, but hope to get to the venue around noon or so. I always try to get to shows early to make the front row; but this time I definitely want a chance to meet the band, because I'm planning to take the shoes I painted in the tagging contest so I can give them to the girls. cross your fingers for me! :)