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Friday, October 24, 2008


Nice report--I especially took a liking to Stan--He was really down to earth--and it shows that you don't have to be in any particular age group to enjoy good music. At the end, the girls make it known who their presidential candidate is...GET OUT THERE AND VOTE YOU GUYS--I can't begin to tell you how important it is right now...I voted early. :)


~nitabe~ said...

HAHAHA they used an ipod!?? Genuis!! I too liked Stan, he's so honest. "No demographic, I just like their music." LoL.

"Obama of course..."

shannon said...

i saw stan at the show, i thought he was someone's dad, haha. Shows what i know! (nothin'!)

CayennePepper33 said...
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H.E.R said...

i love what that guy stan said about the demographic, how demographics dont matter..they make good music and thats what counts.

hanna.michellen said...

Yes Stan is sooo right!

Is it bad that if i wasn't already completely sold on voting for Obama they would have just convinced me. haha. YAY GO VOTE!