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Thursday, September 25, 2008


I don't care if Gary Coleman won an Oscar for a movie role in Hollywood, he will always be Arnold Drummond to me. Or Kate Moennig, (presumed Gay until proven otherwise) who has played minimal roles in her prospering career, will always be Shane McCutcheon, the insatiable womanizing lesbian of TLW. I mean, can either one of us see Kate kissing or making love to a man in a tv role? Tell the truth...she could be susceptible to typecasting. Perhaps I'm not giving Kate much credit, but think about it--it's been 5 years going on 6 and Kate has left an indelible mark on the LGBT community playing one of the lead roles on a major LGBT cable program. Maybe that's a part Hollywood would only want her to play. As for our beloved Leisha, I don't know if the above holds true for her. Unlike most lesbians on tv who embrace butch roles, Leisha's career has been varied: playing a pregnant woman in La Cucina--CSI--a married straight woman in Greys Anatomy....she's a woman with many faces, and a die-hard feminist. So do you think she could be plagued with the curse....THE CURSE OF BEING TYPECAST?


Anonymous said...

I don't think Leisha will be typcast. She has great comedic timing and ahe can also do drama. She might have a hard time shaking off the characted Alice now that she will play that character again on the spin-off. She already played Alice for 6 seasons, and now, depending on how the spin-off goes, we don't know how many more years she'll end up playing Alice. I still don't believe it will affect Leisha's chances of playing different roles in films. But there is a chance that some of her fans will only want to remember her as Alice. Like those girls that scream out "ALICE" in Uh Huh Her concerts.

Chi-City said...

Yeah "those girls" who do that are re-re's and its annoying.

Back to the topic at hand...I don't think she will be type cast and I believe its b/c of the fact that she does other projects on the side such as CSI, Grey's and La Cucina (which I saw at a screening...umm yeaaaaaaah that should have been a play not a movie, Leisha was good in it tho...I'll give her that) and in these other roles she branches out and we get to see her in a different light.

The woman is talented and I believe she can get plenty of other roles that will showcase what she is capable of...I personally would like to see her guest star on 30 Rock. all I'm sayin'!

speedy12 said...

I agree with both of you...Leisha has mentioned sometime ago that she was kinda tired of playing "Alice" and would like to move on to bigger and better projects. But she'll be playing Alice again in the spinoff, AND in the same type of role. You're absolutely right anon--those who shout "ALICE" are just plain ignorant. It insults us as UHH fans and it insults them as the musicians trying to make a name for themselves. But like you said, some ppl will always see Leisha as her character "Alice". They're making it seem as though she doesn't have a life outside of her character---NOW THAT'S A DAMN SHAME!!!

vikki said...

I think she is believable in varied situations as an actress.I guess time will tell.

A quick question...where is this picture from? I don't ever remember seeing her with a bird on her shoulder.

speedy12 said...

Vikki this is just a random pic I found on the web and I thought I'd post it. :)