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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Impromptu With Camila Grey

An Interview With Camila Grey
I really liked this rap session with Cam, she even reveals the parts of LA they live in and why.


Chi-City said...

Cool lil interview. Especially enjoyed reading what other names the band could have been named. I wonder what else they came up with...hmmm

Uh Huh Her is fresh tho! ;)

Fleur said...

I liked the interview, I think Cam is actually a cool person! I liked the part where she said she wished it rained more often in L.A.
I know what she means, I used to live in the South of France and it hardly rained, so when finally it rained my and my friend were so happy that we danced outside LOL!

LeeLin said...

I really liked this interview, Cam seems like such a nice person and really easy to talk to..