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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Price You Pay//For The Life You Choose

Leisha has made it known on occasion that she sometimes works too much and too hard. You'd think that being away from home so much would leave little time for a home life, family, friends, or a relationship. But according to Hailey, it works for her---or does it? After many weeks or months away from each other, it seems Leisha and Nina play the reconnection game quite often. Sometimes relationships that require you to be away from your partner for extensive periods at a time, are the most vulnerable to fail. But there are success stories, quite a few actually. Leisha went through it with her previous relationship-except she was the one who was home more than kd....and she's been with Nina now for several years...and counting. But I did detect some sadness and longing when she talked about missing home. She has her moments...her voice a bit sullen. So you guys tell it worth it? Is being what you are worth sacrificing being who you are?


J School said...

I think it all depends on how you look at it. For some people, what they are IS who they are, or at least, what they do defines who they are. I know I feel like my writing defines what I am, and I probably would sacrafice a lot if it meant getting my writing out there and succeeding. I definitely think its worth it. She may be wicked busy right now, but eventually, when Leisha does stop, she just might not need to work ever again. I think she's working as much as she can now so she doesn't have to work later. Unfortunately, the busy schedule means less time with Nina, but it might end up meaning more time in the long run.

mina said...

I believe that she's happy for what she's doing right now.

speedy12 said...

J I agree with you...but Leisha has never been known to..not work nor be complacent. I think she'll be working for as long as she can. Maybe later on when she feels her career has been fullfilled, she'll find something that wouldn't require as much of her time away from hm. Right now, I totally believe she enjoys her career and wouldn't trade it in for anything; afterall it is a large part of her life and well being. BTW J U & I share a common passion...writing :)

Hi Mina--glad you stopped by.

mina said...

Thanks... I really love your blog as well as Ms. Hailey. I wish I can watch her performing live but sad to say I can't. Anyway thanks for this blog. Keep up the good works speeedy