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Friday, September 19, 2008


Ok enough about Leisha..lolol. Someone posted recently that the blog is awesome...but we need to post more of Camilla 'Grey' Gutierrez, affectionately known as Cam, or the udder half of rock group Uh Huh Her. I'm not going to lie...but initially the only reason I wanted to peep the UHH concert was to get my Leisha fix...INITIALLY! But I went to the show and was instantly smitten by this percussion playing, dark haired mysterious beauty with the bedroom eyes. Awe struck! are the words I would use to describe my reaction when I heard Cam perform for the first time. How dare I not give this musician a chance!!! My thought process was all wrong going into this....THE WOMAN IS TALENTED!!!! Even Leisha admits that Cam is the creative one that spices up the group--always playing with music gadgets and putting songs together. I had the pleasure of meeting Cam twice...they say the second time around is always better. Well it was for me. When I went to LA to see them play...I was determined to get up close and personal...and at the end of the show, Cam greeted me with the warmest smile and gave me the biggest hug a girl could ask for. I didn't want to let go...SERIOUSLY!! I started to ask her out....lololol. But then I thought about the ass whoopin Clea Duvall would give me if she ever found out I was coming on to her girl. So I Cam is half Spanish and comes from a musical background- I also heard she speaks a little Spanish, which is sooo sexy to me....I LOVE THE LATINAS!!!!
I gotta admit, I have a whole newfound respect and love for that one they call.....Camilla Grey. :)

Have any of you guys ever met Cam? Share your experience with us...Also, can anyone shed some light about her previous band Mellowdrone?


Aishling said...

Camila is amazing and a really sweet woman to meet, i have met her 3 times and she is always the same :-)

speedy12 said...

You're right ashling---Cam never changes her demeanor...That's one of the qualities I love about her...she's humble and welcoming.

~nitabe~ said...

Definitely agreed! She's awesome. My one experience meeting her was great, however I would definitely agree with describing her as "mysterious". And hey! She speaks spanish!? Muy bien! That's my major. Haha. :)

Anonymous said...

Aishling...three times!! And I was just trying to get a simple myspace message lol. Wow, thats great. Cam seems amazing to say the least, and I do agree that she carries a mystic about her. Its as if she's the type to be really shy (her demeanor is very low key) but each time I watch her in interviews or the likes she's very open,outspoken and even a little much as she speaks though, I almost feel like there's something more to her--something I will probably never figure out. Maybe I'm crazy--lol, its the psychologist in me.

here's to Cam,

p.s. Her spanish seems to be really good :)