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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Basketball//Behind The Scenes

This is one of my favorite L Word scenes...mainly because Leisha and the girls were sooo hilarious in it. Keep in mind that a lot of the scenes in this shoot were improvised as Leisha and the rest of the gang will reveal in the video...Check it out. BTW--that behind the back shot that Rachel Shelley made...WAS NOT AN ACT....WOW!!!!LUCKY SHOT!!!!


hanna.michellen said...

I actually watched this same video earlier today! woot.
That was an amazing episode. Mia and the coffee. Helena's free throw. Alice screaming and her... way of being. amazing!!! XD

LeeLin said...

LMAO...I loved this scene, Everyone was so hilarious, Leisha is so adorable I swear, that scream gets me

~nitabe~ said...

Too funny!! I love every1 in this scene, and Janina was right, it totally shows everyone's personality. I loved Mia's coffee touch. And Bette's response to Papi, "Shopping bitch." HAHAH!
Side note: Did you hear that Janina Gavankar is gonna be on Grey's Anatomy this season? I'm very excited! She's a busy lady, cuz apparently she's returning to TLW as well.

speedy12 said...

Is Janina gonna be a regular on Greys?

~nitabe~ said...

Yup yup! She's supposed to be a regular whenever she comes in. There's only been one episode tho so far, and she wasn't on it. :( So I dunno when she's starting. Keep ya posted tho, I watch that show religiously! ;)

Chi-City said...

Yeah I'm a Grey's fan too.
I'm looking forward to Janina joining the show. Especially since I've only seen her on TLW I'm interested in seeing what else she can do, character wise.