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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


(spoilers originally posted by Sporty from the sho boards)
I can't make heads nor tails of it. I have listed the spoilers for S6 in "My Comments", so don't read if you do not want to be spoiled. The authenticity of the spoilers remains to be validated. But they seem pretty reasonable. Hell--I don't know...Let me know what you guys think when you read it. EP 1 seems to pick up right where it left off, and EP 8 could be legit. All I know is---the future of my beloved Talice is questionable. :(


speedy12 said...

re: Tasha & Alice: The Beggining or The End??

**************************Major Spoilers****************************

Season 6 Episode 1: Liaisons (The Premiere)
The Season Premiere opens up with Alice having doubts whether she is in love with Tasha. After having her heart broken by a beloved friend jenny is left wondering whether she made the right choices. Kit changes her abrupt ways. An out casted Shane is left without support. Nikki try's to apologize to jenny. Bette and Tina get shocking news from angelica's pediatrician, and Helena enters in a new relationship with Dawn’s lover Cindy.

Season 6 Episode 2: Lovelines
Jenny finally confronts the karma that betrayed her. A contractor and an old friend enter Bette and Tina’s life. Shane seeks help and Helena is shocked by an old flame that brings her surprising news. Adele and her new girlfriend are confronted and threaten.

Season 6 Episode 3 Libido Language
Shane is now doing her time in community service and finds a new passion with someone who is a little different. Helena’s old flame becomes part of her pretty little picture.
Alice takes a break and finds a new lust. Jenny gives Nikki a second chance but it blows up in her face. Papi returns with new friends that don’t get along with her old ones.
Jenny gets revenge in an unthinkable way .
Bette’s emotions stirs up trouble for Tina and a new roommate enters Max life.

Season 6 Episode 4:Lying and Cheating
Bette’s new dirty little secret is discovered by Alice.
Alice keeps her lips sealed, but then blurts it out in an argument Bette and Alice get into
Tina new contractor bring old feeling to the surface. Molly tries to seduce Shane but is stopped by news about her mother.

Season 6 Episode 5:Lend her legislatures
A jealous Cindy seeks lawyers; Tom’s addiction threatens his relationship with Max. Nikki try’s to seek a new lover. Phyllis is face with financial issues. Molly confronts her mother, and leaves her heart broken. Lies are told during a seminar that Tina takes to the heart and does something she will regret.

Season 6 Episode 6: Love Lagoon
Shane is confronted by an old flame. Jenny’s true love enters her life

Season 6 Episode 7:Let’s give the girls a hand
A party is set, and all the girls attend. Someone who is not invited attends to and shakes things up with Jenny. Bette Proposes to Tina after the party. Tina says yes, but is feels guilty of what she did. Her friends are delighted to hear the news

Season 6 Episode 8: Listen Wedding bells are ringing (FINALE)
As the big day arrives, Jenny is astonished to hear something that might ruin the wedding. Shane keeps her secret from her new lover but is later reveal to her. Alice leaves her friends to find a new life.

Don't Know How True It Is,But I'll Take It! :-)

~nitabe~ said...

OMFG!! This is awesome, thanks speedy. THIS is why we keep coming back! ;)
As far as the validity, I'm with you, I think it's valid. And if it isn't, someone has a very creative imagination. Not much on Tasha&Alice though, hmm. But these secret elements in here are gonna drive me crazy until January! :P

Anne Riddle said...

Pffft, those spoilers were obviously posted by a die hard Bette and Tina shipper.

That sucks big time.

vikki said...

I ran across these spoilers a couple days ago and there are some things that don't quite ring true. I don't know if any of you frequent the L word board on TWOP but we've been chatting about the validity of these and some posters there have some good thoughts.

speedy12 said...

Yeah--but lets not put all our eggs in one basket...there's still something fishy about these spoilers...I'm totally not a believer yet.

Anne Riddle said...

The only thing for sure is that Alice obviously goes away....but does she leave LA?

What does everybody think?

Chi-City said...

Wow this is exciting!
The episode descriptions sound juicy...old flames, new lust, betrayal, karma...aggggggh I love television, it’s awesome!

Wait nobody dies?!? (good Dana passing was sad enough)
Oh I'm guessing the wedding is the climax. (dud)

Thx for the spoilers, keep em coming!

Anne Riddle said...

I am still pissed off she kileld off Dana....

Latinbi said...

I agree with Speedy, these spoilers aren't all true. Why would they give them out if everything is so secretive. We have to wait to January 09.

speedy12 said...

I know we're all aching for some spoilers, but I think IC and Co. will keep us in the dark till the bitter end...:(

hmorsey2004 said...

Wow...craziness...I wonder how much of them are true...