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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Symmetry To Leisha

It's hard not to imagine that Leisha doesn't have a wild side to her. I don't know which I would prefer. What I love about Leish is that she is not a one sided kind of girl, she's multi-dimensional and multi-talented. Though we would probably never get to know her on a personal level, I think that most of us who love her can gather a pretty good idea of the type of persona she exudes. Oh what I wouldn't give to have her as a best friend, a confidant, a soul mate, a muse, a sister a lover, and ultimately-a wife. She's a big 37 yr old me. She enjoys her career and reaps the benefits of it...lets not forget the perks that are involved. But she finds time to enjoy friends, have fun and be who she is...Leisha. Not many celebs nowadays possess that shy, humble, reserved, ingenious and often times quiet inate qualities that LH exhibits. But let's not forget that she's a fighter, (not confrontational), but she fights for what she believes in...she may also kick your ass if she has to..[as we've seen in the wrestling video with her and Kate Moennig--or the bar fight, which she won]. So which side of LH would I prefer?...theres only ONE answer...I choose the quality that creates the whole person...LEISHA.


nitabe said...

good post speedy. i think for me i prefer the witty side... she's too cute w her jokes and that amazing smile!!

speedy12 said...

I agree--but I'm biased--I love Leisha in any way I could get her...lolol