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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Favorite Season of L Word pt. 2

Since it was a Tie, we have to post both. Again, I couldn't think of two better seasons to be tied for as best season of the L Word. Next up, Season 5.


Jenny Schector!--Surprisingly Mia Kirshner made the most hated character on the show, to be the most loved. Her lines in S5 alone had me in stitches. "Change Your F*cking tie" "Remove the Snot from your nose" "Dumb Sh*t actor boy" I could go on and on...

Group scenes--We had been lacking many fun scenes and S5 brought back the dynamic of the earlier seasons. Pot brownie party, Mafia table, pink ride, Lez Girl wrap party....

Great Acting-- Mia Kirshner, Rose Rollins, Jennifer Beals, Leshia Hailey, and Marlee Matilin all did a phenominal job in S5. I must say that some outshined more than others at times.

Pink Ride--A whole episode devoted to the beloved Dana Fairbanks....FANTASTIC! The laughter, tears, and that darn Alice Pieszecki!

Jenny vs. Tina--Ok, honestly I don't care much for Tina, but when she had scenes with Jenny, I was in stitches. Perfect Pairing!

Tasha--Rose Rollins, I loved you in S4, but S5 made me love you even more. The acting, your beauty, and your love and devotion to my girl, Alice. Couldn't be better. I mean, you gave up your job for love!

Bette and Tina--Yes, Finally BACK TOGETHER! Long overdue! Your seperation at the beginning was needed, but year after year after was bout time you got back together.

Hook Ups:

Shane and Molly--Cute, awkward, unexperienced....I guess that's why many fell in love with these two. It was Dana and Alice revisted, where one was straight and the other is a 'ho' bad Shane, your not a 'ho' (I ain't no ho bitch-Shane)

Jenny and Nikki--Personally, I could give a rat's ass about this couple, but I must admit, Nikki did bring out a "good" side of our girl. Nikki is just a ho and immature, she cheated on Jenny many times and to top it off, she went at Shane, Jenny's "best friend". Nikki's got to go.

Low Lights:

Alice--I hate to say it, but Alice was a bitch this season, and I'm not talking S2 Helena Peabody bitch, but just a bitch in general. I couldn't believe what the writers did to my Alice, first the stuff with Max, then almost cheating on Tasha, and just putting her foot in her mouth. Hopefully S6 will do our girl some justice. Ilene, what are you doing!?

Too many characters--Dawn Denbo, Lover Cindy, Adele, Nikki....list can go on and on. If you can't carry a full story on your own, then get off the screen.

Jodi and Bette--Didn't bother me in S4, but S5...very very AWKWARD! I did feel bad for Jodi though, cheating is never a good thing, no matter who you cheat with.

Where the F*ck is Helena!?--You kept Max, Nikki, Adele and ect... but got rid of Helena for the majority of the season? WTF?!

You're still here?--Someone, please explain to me.....

Overall, on a scale of 1-10, I give S5 a 9. I loved it all in all. Some stuff I could have did without, but I realy enjoyed this season.

S5 Highlights, Lowlights, thoughts, comments? Let's Talk!


Michelle said...

I completely agree with almost evrything you said ;)
Loved Tasha this season I fell in love with her all over again lol. truly I missed seeing Helena cause it felt like she wasn't even there the whole season ;( I didn't like the fact that Bette cheated on Jodie, cause I like Jodie... but I love the idea of Bette and Tina's relationship so I'm still happy, though I wish Bette would've just dumped Jodie insteed of cheating on her. Alice was a heart breaker this season ;( I was disapointed in almost everything she did this season. And shane.... well let's just say Alice shouldn't go to her for advice.

speedy12 said...

Michelle I agree--Alice really hit a sour note with me this season--especially when Clea came in the picture, and then her love for Tasha is questioned...That doesn't fly with me. As with Jodie and Bette--she should have nipped that in the bud and told Jodie what was up...Honesty is the best policy. Like Alice said at the campfire "Bette you're a big cheater". As far as Shane--If Alice takes Shanes advice--then those two deserve each other as friends...Shanes knows Alice is in love with Tasha--what kind of friend would give warped advice like that to another friend...Shane is miserable with her life-and you know how the saying goes (misery loves company)...go figure.

Carmel29 said...

Well like I said in the other comment list I love Talice and will always love Talice. I like all of Jenny scene from the first season tell season five. I thank jenny really evolved in all the epsoides. I did not like Jodo and Bett together at all I think it was waste of time with pairing them up I did not feel sorry for Jode not one bit. I really got upset when that Cleo b- came on and caused problems with Tasha and Alice ooh I wanted to jump in the screen and push her off the bridge ok That was nice but you get my point. Alice was stupid but yet smart to not kiss cleo but she still cheated on Tasha by thinking about dealing with cleo I hope Alice did not take shane advice because shane is not in no condition to give advice to no one she needs help bad.

shannon said...

i'm pretty sad about Alice as well, it was way out of character for her to be such a jerk. I hope she's redeemed and brought back to herself in S6. I think I even prefer crazy-stalker S3 Alice over not-so-nice S5 Alice!

nitabe said...

speedy very good job on the S2 S5 wrap ups!! i totally agree w just about everything... like seriously, max?!?!?! he did't deserve alice's bitchiness like u said, but poor guy. he doesn't have a life and doesn't look like he'll get much of one. oh! and kit! for god's sake, we need to do something w her too. the planet is awesome don't get my wrong, but she's around all these lesbians all the time and she's straight!! haha, plz let kit find true love! :)

Heather said...

I still thought Alice was completely loveable this season...prolly cuz of Leisha Hailey...I still missed the lack of Dana this season and I wasnt big on all the added characters for the movie, or of Shane doing something bitchy yet again at the end of the season, but this season was still pretty good

lozwstar said...

Oh Leisha. How gorgeous :)

J School said...

I think the best part of S5, was the group scenes. The gang was back in their natural habitat, together.

I know a lot of people did not like Jodi, because she was keeping Tina and Bette apart, but I loved her. She was hilarious and she added something to the show. she took Bette out of her comfort zone, and (while this was actually S4) she brought about one of the greatest Bette/Alice/Shane scenes ever. You all know you loved the scene where they stole the giant sign.

I also liked Niki (until she broke Jenny's heart) and Molly. Molly was naive and still had an air of innocence, at least compared to the other girls of TLW.

S5 was not a good season for Alice. First she was a jerk to Max, for really no reason at all, and then the whole thing with Clea. I agree with Shannon, crazy-stalker Alice was better than this Alice. C-S Alice was at least funny, in a sad kind of way.

I will say, there were too many characters. Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindy were kinda funny (and Elizabeth Keener is hilarious on 3Way), and her storyline did bring Helena back, but was she really necessary? I mean, why did they even send Helena away? The random actors and other people for the movie were unnecessary. They didn't need whole storylines.

I could probably think of a million other things to say, but am just going to leave it at that.

J School said...

Oh, and I totally forgot, with the exception of Bette's cheating ways coming to light again, the Pink Ride was one of the best episodes ever, at least since Dana's death.