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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Favorite Season of L Word?

It's a TIE!! It doesn't bother me too much, because they are the BEST two seasons of the L Word. First up, Season 2!


Alice's new pixie hair cut--super cute!

Bette and Tina broken up--argue with me all you want, but it was best they weren't together because more drama was caused that way.

New additions to the cast--Rachel Shelley (HOTT!) and Sarah Shahi (Smokin!)
Funny Episodes--Does episode 2x10 ring a bell? Best L Word episode of that season! (Land Ahoy)

Birth of Olivia--Ok, Tina hid her pregnancy from Bette, who must have been blind to not miss that tummy, but in the end, they became mommies to one very beautiful child.

Dana was still alive!--That sums it up.
Alice and Dana-This couple will go down in L Word history as being the cutest couple ever on the show! Shane and Carmen-This was the hot couple of season two...took them forever to hook up, but once they did, it was ON!
Low Lights:

Dana leaving Alice--I was so happy when they hooked up, but then Dana had to question her relationship with Alice. We didn't get to find out until S3, that they had broken up. Even though Dana left her for someone we all love, I was still pissed.

Crazy Jenny--What the hell happened to Jenny? Ilene really f*cked her up Season 2, making her the most hated character of the series. Poor Mia...I still love you!

Tonya--At times, she was ok, but most she was just annoying!
Bette and Kit's father passes away--Hit close to home with me because I lost my grandfather around the same time. Made it worse when the actor who played thier father (Ossie Davis) passed away a little bit before the episode aired.

Girl's in tight dresses who drag with mustaches....---WTF!!!?? THAT FREAKIN THEME SONG! UGH!

Overall...on a scale of 1-10 I give S2 a 8.5. I believe that this season topped S1. First airing Feb. 20, 2005...made me love this show even more, if that was possible.

Highlights? Lowlights? Thoughts...Comments, Let's speak on all that is S2


Kaye87 said...

I really enjoyed all the group scenes. I love episode 210 on the Olivia cruise. Hands down, one of my top five eps ever of the l word!

speedy12 said...

Absolutely loved the Olivia Cruise ep. Hated when Bette and Tina broke up--to emotional for me, but I loved that Alice was there for Tina when she found out Bette cheated. I never liked Alice and Dana together, but I loved the chemistry between the two. I was hooked on Carmen & Shane; loved those two together. I hated when they tried to hook Kit up with a woman; she needs to be with a man-the end. Tasha & Alice is by far the best couple IMO. Tasha has matured Alice and Alice has humbled Tash in soo many ways. Love the highs & lows of all seasons. TLW will be missed. :-(

nolagirl said...

Great Blog Kaye! For me, season 2 was the best, followed by 1,4,5 and you can throw season 3 in the trash, better yet, the shredder! It needs to be destroyed and never to be thought of again. That was the worst, I stopped watching the show because of it, the writers must have been on that crack rock or going through withdrawal, it was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

Carmel29 said...

I love Alice and Dana together I cryed when she passed away it was very sad. Tabette they always had good chemisrty with each other and baby turned out very cute. Shane and Carmin were perfect together but Shane is addicted to sex. Jenny she was going through alot of life changes so I excuss her for all the crazy things she did.I Love Talice A whole lot that will and always be my favorite L word Season When Rose joined the TLW. cast

speedy12 said...

Ok Nola--Tell us how you really feel about S3...lololol. But I have to agree--I didn't really fancy S3 either.

Heather said...

This is my favorite season of the show by has Danish, and it has the 3 Musketeers together again for the last time...they dont get many scenes together in the 3rd season...Lands Ahoy is one of my top 5 fav episodes easily as well...and the commentary on it is hilarious...there is nothing that isnt awesome about this season, in my opinion

J School said...

Late again, but I agree with Nola, S3 was horrible, even before I realized they were going to kill off my favorite character (I love Alice, but Dana will always be #1 in my heart). The only thing S3 had going for it, was the episode after Dana died, when Alice stole some of Dana's ashes and the whole gang went to her summer camp.

Now, on topic, S2 definitely deserves to be one of the best seasons ever. Any scene that involved the whole cast ... with the exception of a few, were AMAZING. It's so hard to chose just one episode. The Pride ep was funny, esp finding out Dana's brother was gay.

I know we all hate the theme song, especially at its excessive use in S2, but I loved how they used it when Danish gets it on while working on goodie bags for Dana and Tonya's wedding, with two people whistling it.

Great season for sure.