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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


For those of you who missed these pics, I'll share them with you again. Kaye and I had a blast meeting the rest of the members of UHH. Jacques (guitarist),was really sweet and funny. He said he loved traveling with a bunch of lesbians....lolol. Can you blame him?

Josh was equally as nice...This guy is KICK-ASS ON THE DRUMS!!! While he was hugging me, I was trying to con him into giving me that killer chain he was sporting.

Last but not least...Here's Leisha's feet....awwwwwwww. :-) No I don't have a foot fetish, but Leisha has a pair of the sexiest legs and feet I've seen in a long time...lolol. I wish you guys could have been there, Kaye and I went crazy with excitement. I love the shoes btw. ;-)

If you've attended one of UHH's concert and you have pictures, please share them with us; we'd love to post them on the blog...One Love ;-)


Kaye87 said...

Sorry Speedy but I changed that first pic to one of my own, ooh I couldnt stand how I looked in the other one lol. I'll prob post some of mine, I know this is random, but I really believe me and Leshia wear the same size shoe! Its AMAZING how much we have in common! ;)

speedy12 said...

I was wondering why my words were off centered..lolol. No prob little stinker...lolol.

Heather said...

Very cute pics, guys! I'm jealous...