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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rose Rollins Podcast

You know meeting one of my favorite L Word characters was surreal..especially with Leisha. But there is something about Rose Rollins that just makes you wish she was your best friend for life. Talking to her was like talking to an old high school friend who hadn't seen you for awhile...she just loves her fans and enjoys interacting with them. OMG!! HER LAUGH IS SOO INFECTIOUS!! Let's go back to her podcast when she's being interview by Alicia Leigh; she reveals how she and Leisha reacted when they found out that they were gonna break-up for an episode. PODCAST pt2


speedy12 said...

Rose really wants Talice to be together. Notice how passionate she is when found out that she and Leisha were breaking up...I still can't look at that scene til this day.

speedy12 said...

re: Alice & Tasha Chemistry (Will They Survive) Cont.

Something Rose:

The actual party began before the celebrity guests arrived so I had a chance to dance, drink and mingle with a lot of cute girls. By the time they made it to the small VIP room, most of the fans were already dancing and drinking the night away. The guests were chatting with the fans and even in the crowd I could easily spot Rose because she was tall and beautiful

Rose and I have this ongoing banter between us. Every time she sees me, she reminds me about my first interview with her that we did at the SLDN dinner in Washington DC on March 24, 2007. It wasn’t my first event but it was my first ever interview with her! It was spontaneous, as well. I had a list of names for the cast who were supposed to appear and Rose Rollins wasn’t on that list. She came as a surprise and after the initial press conference was over, I saw Rose standing alone and she was available, so I approached her and asked for an interview. I made most of my questions up right there on the spot and everything went fine, I thought.

And now, I was again in Rose’s presence, asking for an interview. She again mentioned the SLDN interview and I went for my “I’m so sorry, it will never happen again” sincere apology. At first, Rose was hesitant and even told me that she knows that I’m a Bette and Tina fan but I reassured her that since Dana’s demise, Tasha and Alice have been my second favorite couple, which is the absolute truth. We chatted a little and finally Rose agreed to an interview later on.

Rose was dancing on a stage for some time, as Christie from 94.9 introduced her. Some fans took the opportunity to take pictures with her and everybody was having a very good time and enjoying themselves on the dance floor. After she finished dancing, Rose and a few members of her family sat down in the corner of the club and she signed issues of the Curve magazine with her latest interview in it. Finally, after the autographs were finished, Christie took Rose outside for interviews and I finally had my chance.

B&TF: I know you can’t tell me anything about season 6 but what are your hopes for Tasha in terms of her life and her relationship?

RR: I hope that she finally gets her feet on the ground and has an autonomous relationship with herself. Not surrounding anyone, not surrounding her relationship and her career but just finally figuring out what it is that drives her and what makes her happy and to finally live for herself and not live for others or live for her circumstances ever again.

B&TF: Remember you told me before that you always wanted Tasha to be with Alice, do you still want them together?

RR: I do, I do but now I’m not so sure. After everything that happened I’m not so sure but you know, anything can happen.

Oh God Now Rose Is Starting To Doubt The Relationship

nolagirl said...

Speedy, I don't think Rose has doubts about the relationship, she's just looking out for Tasha. I guess she doesn't want Tasha to come off looking like an ass after Alice was thinking about cheating on her with the Clucker Clea! I think she's just being cautious.

Portuense-Portista said...

Happy Birthday Leisha! :D