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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

*****Just Leisha*****

This compilation of our lovely Leisha Hailey was created compliments of Xcrash. I love the many faces of Leisha in all her glory...thanks xc for putting together this video collage of our favorite L actress...U ROCK!!


green said...

Thanks for featuring my video. Much appreciated :)
Keep up the great work with the blog!

speedy12 said...

No thank you xc---YOU KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...:-)

shannon said...

Oh green, i didn't realize that was your video! (this is ima geek from the UHH board). I've watched it a few times since the day you put it up, it's really good!

i never realized how often she used the little finger quotes before, haha!

(btw, i totally owe you a reply to your message, i'll send it today!)

Heather said...

I watched this a few days ago on youtube and absolutely loved it...didnt know it was green either...great job!

J School said...

omg, i LOVED this video. green, you definitely picked some awesome clips to put together. you used some of my fave alice scenes. i like that you even included the yoplait commericals and BMW scenes. great job!

and speedy, i agree about leisha's faces, they're HILARIOUS.