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Sunday, May 25, 2008

What You Talking About Ilene?!

A recent interview with The L Word creator, Ilene Chaiken has been all over the internet about S6 spoilers. Now, I know that this is the last season and all, but I want it to be fun and happy. We know we want get that for all the characters (Shane) seeing how S5 ended. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

B&TF: Can you share something we can expect in Season 6, some surprises maybe?
Ilene Chaiken: Um, no! Why would I share it? I want it to be a surprise.
B&TF: Well, people could kind of prepare themselves for whatever’s coming.
IC: Give me a question and I’ll see if I can answer.
B&TF: Will Shane be able to settle down or will it continue to be her Lothario ways?
IC: I can’t answer that question.
B&TF: Will Bette and Tina stay together?
IC: I can’t answer that question.
B&TF: Will Alice & Tasha stay together?
IC: I can’t answer that question.
B&TF: (laughing) Ok. Anything you can say at all?

IC: Everybody will have a wild ride. There will be lots of drama, lots of tumult, lots of love, lots of romance. Some people will end happy. Some couples will stay together, some will struggle and some will move on for the better.
B&TF: Will there be fan interaction like there was in Season 5 with the Charlie’s Angels scenes?
IC: There will be something. I’m not exactly sure what yet but we definitely are going to have an interactive season and an opportunity for our fans to take part in some very specific way. We’ve really taken a lot of information from fans of the show and their voices are very present in the stories that we tell.

No Ilene!! Keep the couples Together! Don't end the show that way! Keep Bette and Tina, Alice and Tasha together. Let's finally get Kit a man who is right for her (I miss Angus), Shane to grow up, and Jenny finally get happy! I know, it all won't happen, but I'm a sucker for happy endings.

What do you guys want to happen in S6? Which couples to stay together? Who would you like to see make guest appearances? All I have to add is, NO PARIS HILTON!!!

To Read the full interview, Go Here


misty4me said...

Oh, how I do agree...please, please, please No! Parris Hilton! I don't feel that she would add anything in any way.

misty4me said... fingers were going a bit too fast...I meant Paris Hilton.

niki said...

NO PH! Unless she is party goer number 5! AND For the love of love, please give us one couple who fights through issues and are strengthened by what they overcome. I expect happy a Bette, Tina and Angie after then do some processing...but I realllly want a strong, loving Tasha and Alice.

speedy12 said...


unax said...

Well, she didn´t say much did she?
Here is what I wish for the last season:
1) I love Alice more than anything and I want her to be happy. I want fun Alice back. And I would also like her and Tasha to work it out.
2) Let Shane grow up and learn from her mistakes.
3) A lot more Helena. Preferably in scenes with Alice.
4) I don´t really care about the other characters, whatever happens to them is fine.
5) For the love of God! NO PARIS HILTON!!!!