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Thursday, May 22, 2008

What She Just Say?

I love listening to music, but at times I have a habit of filling words into songs that arent actually there, you know what I mean? Don't get me started on rap lyrics. Most likely I say things that aren't even in the English dictionary. Well I have a gift for everyone. I know all of you have been listening to your Uh Huh Her CD's, but do you actually know the words? Let me help you out with some lyrics to all their songs from thier EP, "I See Red".

These LYRICS will help make sure that the next Uh Huh Her concert you go to, you will be singing the right words.


speedy12 said...

Good cuz I'm going to LA next week to meet up with Vnight to attend the Uh Huh Her concert. Hopefully I can get some better pics and maybe get Leisha and Cam to pose for it. That's my mission.

Kaye87 said...

Tell her about the blog Speedy! We may can get her to do a vid message for her fans!

speedy12 said...

I will mos def try Kaye, but video cams arent allowed in the venue I don't think. I'll carry both my regular cam and my video cam just in case.