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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The L Words woman of color was a hit with the girls this Memorial Day weekend as she celebrated with a few of our friends in DC for Black Pride. Rose Rollins who plays, Tasha on showtimes cable series The L Word, was this years hostess for the event which gathers hundreds of gay men and women every summer. Unfortunately I was unable to make it; luckily I had my good friends Carmel, Rhonda and Coolfyah attend to keep tabs on Rose and all her movements throughout the night. I'm glad being shy wasn't an issue when the girls approached Rose and made conversation. Of course the outcome was this beautiful pic of my homeys and the lovely Miss Rollins cheesin for the camera. This will probably be the last function Rose will attend before she heads to Vancouver, along with Leisha Hailey and the rest of the lovely ladies, to film the 6th and last season of The L Word in June. Check out the Rose Rollins Fan Blog for more info on this rising star with the sensational smile--and the gorgeous body to match.


Kaye87 said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky! I'm so happy for them, it just still gets me that Carmel is not smiling haha, she was prob biting her teeth, bc we all know Rose is her wife from another life, LOL! Rose and Rachel Shelley better come back to Atlanta to host another L word premiere next year, but it this time they should be LEISHA!!

speedy12 said...

I totally agree with you kaye...Would Love Love Love to see Leisha in da ATL. I'll get some more pics of the band this weekend in LA and post it. BTW--I love that pic you found of Leisha at the radio station. That's a great shot.

radiolova26 said...

Everytime I see this pic, I die a little inside @Carmel not smiling,lol.