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Monday, May 19, 2008

What A Musician

I have had the pleasure of seeing this young and multitalented woman grasp her own destiny in the palm of her hand. She has captured and conquered every goal that she has ever set out to accomplish; and made it look damn easy. Leisha Hailey in nothing short of inspirational and is no stranger to music. She formed the Murmurs in the early 90's and then went on to team up with Heather Grody to form the pop group Gush. But Leisha was undaunted; she's been busy eversince. If you haven't seen this beauty in action on stage, then you're depriving yourself of a musical phenomenon in the making.
She and Camilla Grey have put their heads and hearts together to form the electro-indie rock group
UH HUH HER along with drummer Josh and guitarist Jacques (last names unknown), who are two of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I went to the Atlanta concert with many expectations of seeing and listening to a band that introduces us to a genre of music not all too familiar in this region. But I have to say, once they grace the pavement of your city, word spreads pretty fast..Their music is infectious and most pleasing to ear. Leisha and Camilla are absolute Beasts on the bass guitar mixed with adds from Josh and Jacques to complete the sound. I was in awe on how incredibly talented Leisha is on the bass guitar. when she gets into rock musician mode, it's nothing short of amazing to see her perform.
This group has it's own identity and should not be swayed by the fact that Leisha is also one of the stars of The L Word, eventhough both women would probably admit that Leishas recurring role on TLW did give the band a boost musically. But don't get in twisted...They are THE REAL DEAL!! I'm officially an UH HUH HER fanatic. Currently the foursome is touring major cities in the U.S. and parts of Canada but it will be thrwarted temporarily since Leisha will go into production soon to film the final season of the L Word. It's all good though, she's all about business...the tour resumes in August - so check this blog or you can navigate to UH HUH HER's website for tour dates in your town and GET YOUR TICKETS!!! If you get a chance to meet Miss Hailey let me give you heads up--she appears shy, but sweet, appreciative and very approachable....Be careful, she can easily melt your heart into euphoric oblivion when she dons that beauteous warm smile of hers.
Don't sleep on this talent that is compelled to make music history!!!


Kaye87 said...

Speedy, I could not have said it better myself! Leisha is one of the most sweetest and humblest person I had met in a long time. Cam, is just fantastic! there are not enough words to explain this woman and Josh and Jacque, what can I say? lol Those are my buddies! They are soo chill!

speedy12 said...

Kaye you hit it right on the nose my sista...