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Friday, January 16, 2009


I can't believe it's almost here....and it will be gone just as quickly as it came. It seems surreal that it's all coming to an end. BTW...does everyone have Showtime? Can everyone get the show in their prospective areas? I know some of our international affiliates are unable to view it. Hopefully someone will download it to YouTube for you guys. Two more days for ep1 and I'm saddened--these women have become a part of us. We've followed their careers for 6 what will become of our lives?...lolol. Well--I know I'll be following Leisha wherever she goes...can't wait for the follow-up interview when she goes on tour this spring. They will be missed....:(


nat said...

lol "what will become of our lives".... well personally I feel it will seem like a lifetime waiting for the dvd release and then a good few months, even years, of endless repeats in the hope of trying to bring back that magic. lol :P

Anonymous said...
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speedy12 said...

Yeah Cayenne--we're all one bit family--Thanks Ilene. :)