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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Cam and Leisha are no longer with Nettwerk Music--so now the hunt begins for another record label to sign with. One problem....the girls have to have at least 70% autonomy of their record sales and royalties. That isn't easy to find. Read Cams post for more on the split from Nettwerk. Parting Ways


Chi-City said...

70% WoW...that will mos def be a hard sell but its possible. Wish nothin but luv and success for the duo.

Speedy I read the blog the other day. How did u find out the percentage?

speedy12 said...

I subscribe to the Billboard and read up on bands like UHH who try to avoid signing with major record labels because of the lack of money they recieve on their royalties. Same thing happened to TLC. Everybody else gets paid before the artists do. 70% may be embellishing a little, but it's not too far off. Leisha and Cam want royalties and most major labels will put money in their pockets (70%) before they pay the artists. They could sign to an independent label or create their own.

nat said...

All things happen for a reason. I'd quite happily set up an label and sign the girls to it but just like Leisha..I wouldn't have a clue what to do lol and am not a fan of cuban cigars either, urgh!! lolol
I'm sure they have the savvy to do what needs to be done and make it massive in Europe as well as the rest of the world..We're all gagging for more UHH so bring it on :)

speedy12 said...

I agree wit ya Nat---BRING IT ON!!!!!

J School said...

nettwerk seemed to not be all that great anyway, at least not when it came to the people buying their albums. took me several weeks before i finally got my cd and picture.

this seems to be a great thing for them.