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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cam & Lil Kim?

Looks like Cam is keeping busy while on hiatus. She's featured in the new Se7en video with Lil Kim called "Them Girls". Why have I never heard of Se7en? Apparently he's a hit all over Asia. I have to look him up. Anyway, I'm not sure when the video is due to be released, but it should be out pretty soon. Lil Kim has had soo many face lifts, booby lifts, breast augmentations, collagen's, botox--she's doesn't even look like the Lil Kim from back in da day. She's still one of my favorite female rappers nonetheless. If anybody knows where we can find a leak to this vid--plz divulge.


LeeLin said...

Lol...your right Speedy, she doesn't look the same way that she used to...personally I think that she looks a hot mess now....But I wanna check out the new video

speedy12 said...

lololol---I must agree Leelin--SHE LOOKS A FLAMING HOTT MESS!!!!

~nitabe~ said...

Is that her sittin beside Cam!? Eww! Gosh, that is soo trashy!