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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm Buying A Mini Coop

The Mini Coop Make Out!!! If this car will bring this much excitement to my love life...then I'm getting me a Mini Coop. It's small and confining which allows you to be imaginative and gets your creative juices flowing. CAN SOMEONE SAY SEXY!!!!! I wonder how far they will go? All I know I wanna see some skin and flying body parts....lolol. Check out Alice and Tasha Get It On in Ep 602 which I dubbed...THE MINI COOP MAKE OUT!!!!


Kirby said...

I really likes this episode!

I love how Leisha does this pose type thing when she is about to 'attack' someone.

speedy12 said...

I wonder if Leisha strikes the same pose with Nina..lolol

Latinbi said...

I so enjoyed this episode especially the make out in the mini cooper and the pros and cons. It looks like Tasha and Alice are trying to work it out, can't wait to next week. Talice forever.

~nitabe~ said...

I loooved this episode! Soo much goodness going on here. Shane and Jenny, really? *high pitched* Really!?? LoL, (got that from Alice).

Also, the rundown that Alice gave Tasha after the Dylan confrontation, too funny when she's like, "And the kids! I mean, where are they at!??" Haha, that has always been my question on the 'unsolved tlw mysteries', wth happened to Helena's kids?

And finally, MAX!??? Geez, I kinda saw that coming tho! Poor guy, he definitely has a tough decision to make. He'll probably decide to carry tho, then let Tibette adopt the kid. I mean, think about it, Tina mentioned something about having a kid in less than 6mos, and Max is 4mos along. Could mean something there... :))

speedy12 said...

This was mos def a funny ep. I too loved the rundown on the Helena history with Dillon. yeah--WHERE ARE HELENA'S KIDS?!!