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Monday, June 2, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Everyone, the Afterellen Hot 100 list has been revealed! So my prediction for Leisha to be number 2 was wrong, but at least she made number 5. I'm not too pleased at some of the rankings, but I'm going to leave that be because everyone has thier own prefence.

Last but not least, let's give it up to all our L word ladies for making the list:

  • 2.) Jennifer Beals

  • 7.) Sarah Shahi

  • 9.) Kate Moennig

  • 13.) Laurel Holloman

  • 20.) Rose Rollins

  • 29.) Mia Kirshner

  • 42.)Rachel Shelley

  • 87.)Erin Daniels

Congrats to all you ladies, even though I believe some of you should have been higher on the list. Well, there's always next year! How do you guys like the rankings?


radiolova26 said...

I'm glad so many L word stars made the list, but Tina Fey #1? C'mon. I know being funny is sexy, but not THAT sexy and most certaintly not sexier thn Rose or Leisha or Jennifer for that matter.Next year it's on!

Kaye87 said...

I agree Radiolova!! Don't get me started on Rachel Shelley's ranking, ugh! she fell this year bad! She was number 27 last year!!

radiolova26 said...

Yea, Rachel is a sexy beast she should've been in the top 15.

speedy12 said...


Heather said...

Im sad Lauren Lee Smith didnt make the list and that Leisha, Erin and Rose weren't higher than they were but other than that...great list.

shannon said...

erin should've been so much higher on that list...