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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shane's interrogation

Shane is pitiful---Lord I can't wait to hear Alice and Tasha's line of questioning..


Anonymous said...
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J School said...

I think we all thought Paige burned down Wax. Why would Shane feel the need to burn down her own business? While this tape did answer a question, one that I don't think any of us were actually asking, it brings up more questions. As I already said, why did Shane do it. But also, did she claim it with her insurance? I mean, it was funny that she asked what the statute of limitations is on arson, should she have really been asking what the statute of limitations is on insurance fraud.

Anonymous said...

Shane didn't make an insurance claim. When the officers asked her if she wanted to report it, she said no.
I think she asked about the statute of limitation for arson because she thought she might be arrested for that.
I had the same question as to why she did it. Everyone always said that when Shane broke someone's heart, they always left crying or angry. I think she did it to continue her reputation or maybe she just lost her mind for a moment.

J School said...

Ah, I see, its been forever since I've seen the episode.