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Saturday, December 27, 2008



I will try to get in touch with Leisha's camp to get a handle on this spinoff biz. From what I understand filming should have commenced. I don't know how many episodes their doing for the pilot, but I hope it's well received. I really want Leisha to continue with her acting career along with the music. This is a volatile industry and the key to success is to keep working an getting paid and enjoy what you do. But Leisha has never had a problem, she's always been a workaholic-so to speak. Although The L Word is ending, it's also an opening to a new beginning. More shows in lesbian drama will saturate the airwaves, and we must not forget the ladies who have paved this very difficult path. Kaye and I will try to keep the blog new and interesting and continue to follow the life and career of Miss Hailey. I'll be doing more interviews with Leisha as her career progresses; hopefully catching up with her in Europe. I'm working on that. Let's just keep showing the love for our girl as she continues to shine... :)


speedy12 said...

As God is my witness--Leisha has a pair of the sexiest eyes I have ever seen on a woman. Jada Pinkett Smith is 2nd.

Anonymous said...
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nat said...

sexy, gorgeous, enticing. I am in love :)

Thankyou, it's really appreciated so much. I too look forward to hearing about her future endeavours...and this is most certainly the place where I will it find out. :)

LeeLin said...

I am so excited for everything that is about to happen as far as Leisha's career goes..You know that I'm always gonna be here to support You, Kaye and this blog...I simply love it:)

Kirby said...