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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Check out Dorothy Surrenders blogspot. Hot new pictures of the girls in tight black dresses with the 5inch pumps to match.  All of the ladies look soooo scrumptious in their sexies---Rose Rollins, Leisha, Mia, Laurel, Jennifer and even Kate make it look good for the camera. I just don't know which one to pick. Click the link for Dorothy Surrenders and get a gander at the GIRLS IN BLACK....Thanks for surrendering Dorothy. :)


speedy12 said...

Ok may I say something?--after looking at DS blog, all of the ladies look fantastic!!!! But have yall taken a good look at Laurel when she is posing in that black dress--OMFG!!!! SHE LOOKS LIKE A MILLION BUCKS!!!! LAUREL HOLLOMAN IS HOTTT!!!!! I just had to say that.

LeeLin said...

Lol..I see what your saying Speedy..all the ladies look great..but Laurel, you better work that dress!!!! She looks fantastic:)

J School said...

i agree with ms. snarker's (dorothy surrenders blogger) about shane looking weird in a dress in that group pic, but otherwise, all the girls look fantastic

while i think its kinda cool that jodie will be returning apparently, i don't like that those three people got jipped on new promo shots.

nagchia said...

full season 6 episode 1!!!
hopefully they don't take it down